Medallion Earrings

I gushed about my treasures from Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt here. One of the things I picked up were the silver medallion earrings from Claires.
I was immediately drawn to them, but as soon as I picked them up I realized they were clip on earrings. womp womp.
I did not pay $3.75 for them. They were $2.

On a whim I grabbed them (I actually picked up 2 pairs) and figured I could run to Hobby Lobby and pick up some pierced earring pieces and fit them together.

Until I spotted these guys:
It hit me that I could take these apart and get the piece I needed for the medallion earrings. After a little surgery they would be good to go.

My goal was to pull the middle ring part apart and pull the clip part off (and then replace it with the pierced part):
So I grabbed my needle-nosed pliers and pulled them off:
I did the same thing to the horribly gaudy Halloween earrings (remember Halloween is my least favorite holiday):
I discarded Halloween ornamentals and used the pierced ear part (I wish I knew the formal name for these) to refashion the medallion earrings!
I love these- more than I ever thought possible!
and they were 10 times easier to fix than I thought!

Here was my discard pile:
and a shot of them in action:

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