Monthly Update: January

Luke started his new class at school this month. He is now in the 3 year old class and he is loving it! Heck, he's always loved school! He has a little crush of his teacher Miss Katie. It's really cute! He is doing great and I feel like he is talking about/pointing out his letters and numbers everywhere we go! I carried on our tradition of having his "old" teachers write him a note in the Dr. Seuss book "Oh the places you'll go!" I received this book as a high school graduation book and it has become his book. All his caretakers have left him a little note about him (and I'll continue as he moved through school) and hopefully he'll appreciate it either at his high school or college graduation!

One warm afternoon earlier this month we planted tulips that will hopefully bloom in spring. It was a little late season wise- but fingers crossed the bulbs will take. I planted some out front the first winter we moved in and they were still blooming 4 years later. Love some spring flowers!

I thought about doing a garden this year, but I just don't think I'll be up to it. I'd rather support our local farmers than go through the trouble of figuring out a garden and possibly having it fail. Plus after a c-section I don't think I'll be in any mood to water plants/bend over.

Not much has been happening with the nursery. A wonderful friend passed down some awesome hand-me-down clothes. So much in fact I ran out of hangers. And this is just 0-9 months. We are so blessed! We picked up the dresser at IKEA this past weekend so it has been fun watching the room come together.

The next step is painting and my mom is coming up next weekend to help. It will be so nice to get that marked off the list! I'll post pictures as soon as they are ready!

We had out anatomy scan at the beginning of the month. It was such a relief to walk out of there after seeing (and confirming) a perfectly healthy GIRL! I was super nervous this time around- like how is it possible to have 2 perfectly healthy children?! I know people have healthy children all the time, but it just had me thinking (and that's a dangerous thing sometimes!). I did find out my blood pressure was high and that makes me a little nervous. I'm trying to watch and be careful about what I eat. They said they'll recheck at my next appointment and we'll go from there. Fingers crossed!

Let's go January- fly fly fly!

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