Command Center

Like I've mentioned a hundred times, Luke's new brother or sister will be here soon. Which means that everything that was ever housed in that room had to find a new home.

One thing that made me tear up a little was getting rid of my sewing space. I have scaled back GREATLY on sewing orders- although I can still do them, I am not advertising because life is just so hectic right now. This shelf used to be a wood oak color.
I primed/painted it earlier this year and painted the back of it in a fun moroccan geometric pattern.
We decided we needed a "command space" in our kitchen for annoying piles that wouldn't go away. 
 Things like my camera, items that needed to be returned/delivered, and a place to hold my sewing machine and games. It also needed to hold the large diaper bag that we use on day outings and that will be the new baby's. This was going to go right up against our fridge and it works perfectly in the space because it's a relatively thin bookshelf. 

The moroccan green wasn't exactly fitting in to my red kitchen and blue/brown living room. After reading blogs about covering the back wall of a bookshelf with gift wrapping paper, I decided it would be the perfect cheap quick fix. When I went to find paper- I looked at Target, the Container Store, wally, and Dollar Tree... I just couldn't find anything that went with the space. There was a paper tablecloth that caught my eye at target and I realized it could be the perfect solution. I snagged it for $4.
My hope was to be able to drape/roll it over the backboard of the shelf. But when I opened the table cloth I realized that it wasn't a solid pattern. It had the pattern ONLY when it hangs off the table, not down the center of the table. The project then went from easy peasy to more difficult but not impossible. I had to figure out where the shelves covered the back and then I had to cut the table cloth down to the correct size for each opening. Also since the green print was so bold I had to double the tablecloth up for each section. 

I laid the backboard out of the deck and surrounded it with scrap white pieces of the tablecloth. I used spray adhesive to adhere the tablecloth to the back. It was freezing outside so I worked REALLY fast. 
Here is an example of what it looked like when I brought it in. See where the shelves would go? In this picture the geometric print shows through alot- but in real life it's not that noticeable.
Here is a close up of the blue print!
And a more real life example of how the moroccan print shows through. 
Once I put the backboard back on there was some paper overhang- so I used a utility knife to cut the excess. 
Now for the fun- organizing!
The top shelf basket is basically my junk drawer. I keep "extras" for my purse in here- kleenex, chapstick, gum, etc. It also holds my camera, tripod, and multitudes of other things. It needed to be out of toddler reach because nothing about it is baby safe. I've since done another post about actually organizing this basket. Check it out here.
The next shelf down holds our return/deliver bins. I found these at the Container Store for around $5 each and they are the PERFECT multi-functioning bucket. They would be perfect for cleaning supplies under a sink too. The return bucket is for any returns we have to various stores. I can grab this bucket in a pinch and all my returns are in one place. The deliver bin is for things I borrow from other people or things I need to give them. Whenever we go to someone's house or someone comes here I check it to see if there's anything I need to remember to give them. 
The third shelf hold the diaper bag and "paper pot". Just another way to save a buck- we don't buy kleenex boxes! The paper pot holds a roll of toilet paper for the constant runny toddler nose! We would go through 2 boxes a week otherwise. Found it on amazon and it comes in like 10 colors!

The bottom "closed off" half of the bookshelf holds our games and my sewing machine. I needed my machine  easily accessible to the dining room/computer so I can still do my applique. 
We LOVE this shelf! It's a command center and holds just the perfect amount of stuff. You could tweak the return/deliver bins to any of your needs. We just found these were the two things that kept piling up on the dining room table. 
P.S. How cool is it that one of my favorite blog (iheartorganizing) did a command center today as well?! I've had this post written since Thanksgiving and it was waiting for pictures... but maybe great minds do think alike?? Check out the amazing command center she featured today!

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