I haven't written out my new years goals... honestly I'm at a loss. There are so many things I want to do, and so many things I need to do- yet I don't want to make a list and be disappointed by not meeting my goals.

So instead of writing out a bunch of goals for this month and year- I think I'm just going to be content "just going with the flow." Of course I still have lists that I'm following. If I didn't make a list I would go crazy because I would never remember what I need to get done. But as far as blogland goes, I think I'm just going to blog about whatever the heck I feel like at the moment. If I've just finished a project, you can bet it'll be shared. If we had a great weekend, I'll post pictures from it. I just want to do what I want to do and not be bound by deadlines and lists. Lord knows I have enough of that at my job!

One personal goal of mine is to get back in to journaling. I was an avid journal-er (word?) for the longest time. I LOVE going back and seeing how much the Lord has brought me through and how I was feeling at certain points in life. It is also a place where I can unwind and not always feel so bottled up inside- so there's my one "new year's resolution".

With some Christmas money I bought a Kindle and I am loving it! A little disappointed by the Prime "lending library", but I am looking forward to not having to wait weeks for a book to appear in our library. And paying a little less to get the "Kindle" version is always a bonus! I want to read more books this year. After finishing the Karen Kingsbury series I really let reading go, and I am ready for more! So that's an unofficial goal! I do think it'll be fun to keep up with what books I've read that way I can look back and feel accomplished.

I also want to be more frugal this year. I feel like I have such a great handle on coupons and grocery shopping, but there are other areas in our budget that need a swift kick! Amazon prime just makes it so easy to click and ship!! :) (seriously though I can't blame it all on amazon- some things on this side need to change). So I want to stick to our budget more. When a budget "runs out" it's GONE. No more borrowing from the next month. No more trying to rationalize something we just don't need. I am always looking at ways to save a buck (homemade cleaning solutions, laundry soap, cloth diapers...) and I vow to continue. I find it really fun to figure out how to make something for less than I can buy it.

That's it!
My really "rough" draft idea for this year. I am thrilled about what 2013 holds, but I also feel like major change is on the horizon for us. I remember how long it took us to adjust with Luke, and although I'm so excited to give him a baby sister, I know there is going to be alot of adjustment. Lots of tears (I'm sure from me) and a good bit of patience. Right now I'm just savoring being pregnant. I rushed it last time and I refuse to do that this time around. I don't care that I'm still morning sick at 21 weeks, that I haven't gained a pound, and at my last appointment I had high blood pressure. I will do what I can to take care of my body and leave the rest up to Him. There's no sense worrying over the things I can't control.

As far as blogging goes I'd love to post twice a week and still wrap up each week on Friday/Saturday with highlights from the week. I love looking back at those posts and seeing what words Luke was saying or remember what we did certain weeks.

Bring on 2013 (as I get kicked by a lively baby in my belly)! I think she's a night owl like me. She seems most active between 9-11pm!

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