Chalkboard tray

I have NO idea where this tray came from:
It started out silver metallic. Last summer I painted the inside white, but I was never really thrilled with the look.

A quick jump on Amazon and a 2 day wait was all it took to snatch up some chalkboard spraypaint:

I like the idea of chalkboard paint and I've used it a couple times before. So I thought giving the whole thing a coat and using it as a tray in the bathroom was brilliant!

I love that it can be a cute place to corral the little hotel samples/travel size toiletries I like to put out when we have guests. I store all these items in a large vase normally.
Isn't it lovely? and it transforms into a pretty soap holder during non-guest days:
The key with chalkboard anything (vinyl & spray paint) is you have to prep the surface before writing anything on it with chalk. This involves rubbing chalk over the whole thing and then erasing. It makes it so that whatever you write doesn't stay permanently.

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