Oh no you didn't

Oh yes I did!

Seriously who can say they’ve monogrammed toilet paper?? *giggle snort*
So after going to a ladies retreat at Camp Hope this past weekend, one of the topics of discssion was hospitality- having a home that isn’t necessarily always squeaky clean but being willing to have others over to serve them. In the discussion, the ladies leading it had giveaway baskets that went along with what they were talking about and one kit was a “get ready quick” kit. In it was some lysol wipes, windex wipes, furniture polish wipes, and a roll of toilet paper WITH AN APPLIQUED PUMPKIN ON IT! ohemgee I died. It was adorable and EXACTLY what I put on shirts… I mean who would’ve thought….

So in a matter of days we are saying goodbye to one of our closest family friends. They’re only moving an hour away to Athens, but still… they’re moving. Our small group planned a little good-bye morning filled with well-wishes and cards… if you know me well, you know I DON’T DO CARDS…I’ll e-mail and call and even send a letter… but in my opinion cards are a waste of $ and I’d rather have something to give. Well this card swap was planned in advance and I was a little hesitant to speak up because, well, it is sorta weird to have a pet-peeve, weird-ish fettish against cards. Our friends know this about us, and so I was just going to show up card-less and shrug it off like I usually do-
until I saw the appliqued toilet paper… cards=paper=toiletpaper… I mean it all makes sense in my head.

So I got right to work and in less than the time it would have taken me to go to the store, stand in line, pay, get home, and sign the card I have a perfectly monogrammed roll of toilet paper. Now I fully expect them to rip the monogram off, stick it on the tp holder and go… I mean I don’t expect toilet paper to be on display forever… but it was an experience, it’s unique, and I think they loved it!

Here’s some pictures in case you were as mystified as I was the first time I ever saw this…

I used about six layers of toilet paper with some really stiff stabilizer. Sulky solvy went on top so the needle didn't get snagged by the TP.

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