5/5 things

I seriously have no idea where September went… I am ready for cooler weather, but dreading the cold winter!

I am currently on a sewing/embroidering order hiatus. I need to focus my energy on other things, and as much as I like to make things for other, I also like to do things for me/us- so we're breaking up for a little bit, taking a break, calling it quits. Hopefully not for forever, but no idea when/it if will start up again. I have been crazy busy with my 5th grade cherubs, my 21 month old cherub, and my wonderful husband (I'm sure he's glad I didn't call him a cherub). We have been running non-stop and every weekend in October was filled up by the beginning of August- holyhowdoesthatevenhappen?

5 things that have happened in the past 2 months:
Luke started saying bubble and ball and he exclaims "ohhhhh"- super cute. 

We had a new deck built on our house. 

Luke started daycare/preschool. It is the absolute highlight of my week to pick up his art projects on Friday!

Josh got a third job. I am so thankful for how hard he works for our family. 

We hung a chandelier in our bathroom. Yippe!

5 things on tap for this coming month:
His 10 year high school reunion. 

A yard sale. 

Finish the bathroom project: painting glossy stripes. 

Do some Christmas planning/sewing/2 year party planning. Christmas is quite chaotic here with Luke's birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas all within 10 days. 

Squeeze in some time to go to a pumpkin patch. 

Maybe that list will motivate me? Probably not. 

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