High Five for Friday

1. I am in the final stages of finishing Emberly's room. Can I get an amen? I will get a post up next week finished or not! I have a few things to hang on the wall...

2. I took on the position of Elementary Director at our church so blogging has been few and far between lately. I am so blessed by this position and that I am able to work very part time and have my kids with me. So I'm still here and I always have ideas buzzing around in my head. Things are just a bit slower to get done ;)

3. Luke started school last week. Love that he loves school so much! I tried to work with him this summer with writing his name and he didn't really want anything to do with it so I didn't want to force it. At school they write their name everyday and I am SO proud of the progress he's made. He sat down one night and wrote this note to me unassisted. To say I was teary eyed is a total understatement.

Emmie had her 15month check up late last week. She did great and even though she's not walking yet (well she's couch cruising). She measured in at the 94% for everything (head, weight and height). She's a whopping 26lbs and my arms hurt.

4. Now that Emmie's room is painted I've already started planning my next project- the kids' bathroom. Here's sneak peek.

5. Love that my mom and I have matching vans. Twinsies. ;)

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