High Five for THIS WEEK!

Wow it's been a while, eh?

Our life is just a little crazy right now. What the heck am I saying? Our life is always crazy just in different ways.

Here are some of the highlights AND lowlights from the last time I checked in:

1. My jeep left me stranded. It's a funny story- Josh needed gas in it. He's driving the jeep right now and my parents are graciously letting me drive the van as our second vehicle. Since he has to be at work at 6am he didn't want to wait until 5am to get gas. He asked me the night before if I wanted to "go for a peaceful drive, clear my head, sit in silence, without kids" and get gas while he watched them. SURE! When I tried to crank it after I got gas it gave me nothing. Not a thing but the sound of a car that wouldn't crank. I called him and he met me and jumped it off and fortunately that's all it was. It was strange because we just bought the battery 2 years ago. It was under warranty and they replaced it for free (because when they took it out to test it, it was beyond dead). So much for my quiet, tranquil ride!

2. It looks like our house contract is going to fall through (at least that's what we're preparing for). Short sales are an absolute pain. Pretty much the sellers listed the house, but the bank had to agree. We offered what the sellers asked, but when the bank did their appraisal it was 17k more than asking price (even though our appraisal from our bank only came in 5k more). Our agent thought sure that by meeting in the middle, that we would get it. Turns out when we tried counteroffering, the bank raised the price ANOTHER 17k- which made the house 35k more than asking price. UMMMM no. The agent said she had NEVER seen a bank wanting more than fair market value, so we are taking that as our sign to walk away. For the price the bank wants we can buy one in the same neighborhood that is literally move in ready. Not really sure what the bank is thinking. We are still waiting to hear why they are counteroffering so high- but we're preparing ourselves that we're back to square 1 as far as house hunting. We are using this time to save a good bit of money and we're thankful to have tenants in our Toccoa house.

3. Josh's brother got married this past weekend! It was a blast and Luke was the ring bearer. There will be a post coming soon with details and pictures.

4. A week before the wedding my mom and I took a trip with the kids to New York. We had a great time and I have another post coming about it later too.

5. As if life wasn't crazy enough we are back to house hunting and all the chaos that ensues. Luke is still loving preschool and Emberly has started solid foods.

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