Hi! I'm Caroline. My husband is Joshua. We met in 2005, were engaged in 2006, and married in 2007. I'm a former school teacher. He's a Veteran.

Our little man was born in 2009 (37 minutes after our second wedding anniversary). He was quite the surprise and I can't even imagine my life without him!! He's funny, witty, and smart and the boy has blue eyes that will bore a hole through your soul.

Daddy's little girl was born in May 2013. Emberly Grace entered the world {literally} screaming and she has totally stolen our hearts. She is quiet, yet full of so much girliness. The princess holds her own and Minnie Mouse is her person.

After we lost our beloved lab  we added Jubilee to our family. She is sassy and sweet and the perfect cat. She is obsessed with "catching" water drops from the shower and "talks" to birds from her window seat. She was adopted from a shelter and was a very sick kitty prior to us getting her. She had a whole following of supporters rooting for her (on Facebook). It was so sweet to go back and read updates about her health and how many people cared so much about her.
We recently rescused Ella. She is a Belgian Malinois/lab mix {literally the PERFECT puppy}. Her poor ears live in constant dilemma- they are floppy most of the time (hello lab), and one tends to stick up (hello shepherd). It's the cutest thing ever. Ella has brought life back into our home and we are thankful to be able to love another.
I spent 5 years teaching 5th grade before trading my day job to stay home with my babies.

Monogramming is my passion and I run Create Pretty on Etsy. I also love doing little projects around the house as I have time. I also teach the toddler's class at Emmie's preschool. I am so thankful for the opportunity to continue to contribute to our family while still being "home" with my babies. I started writing in this little corner of the internet as my "out"- a place to put my passions (life, embroidery, home improvement, and crafts). I feel that life is going and I want to remember the ‘little’ things.