Amazon Round Up: October 28

I'm back!!! It has been so fun to compile these deals to share. You can check out last week's post here. Some of those deals are still good! Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are a win win. They provide a direct link to the  products I love, and they help support the blog! Read my disclosures here

Sorry if it's weird starting off with toilet paper. BUT $3.99!!! I think some people think I am ridiculous to have TP shipped to my house. But for $3.99 as an add on item, why not?! Also right now at Target the same pack is $6.29. And Walmart is $4.98. I snagged this deal back in September so I am scared that it won't be around much longer- but who knows! My tip with add on items (that you have to spend $25 of a qualifying purchase to receive) is to add them to your cart or wishlist, and then wait until you purchase $25+. For me this purchase is dog food. So I'll wait for that order and since it's over $25 I'll include all my add on items. 

Melissa and Doug toys are always a hit because they are so classic and well made! This set is down from around $12 currently to $8.24. It's 4 puzzles in 1 and don't all kids love trucks, trains and cars?
This Graco high back booster is on sale in select colors for $51.99! It averages around $70, so that's a pretty good deal! We have the older version of this seat and love it! My almost 7 year old uses it with the back still attached. It also has the latch for the latch system!

There are SO MANY LEGO deals! I was just in a store price checking some sets for my son and Amazon beat out the store prices EVERYTIME! Here are a few that stuck out to me: 

-Minecraft Dungeon: $13.99 (these were $20 at Walmart yesterday morning!)
-Superhero: $8.49 (normally $12.82)
-Elves the Water Dragon: $12.79 (lowest price to date)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Scroll through and see if you can find others that interest you!
Speaking of Legos, here is a baseplate for the lowest it's ever been! These are invaluable! I've seen moms use a few of these and glue it to a table to create a lego table for Christmas! 

For the smaller fingers, this Mickey and Minnie Party Parade is so cute. It usually is in the $22 range and had been as high as $25. It's currently listed at $17.59.

This is a fun deal on Pyrex Measuring Cups! I LOVE these for baking and it has a large 8 cup measuring cup! With the holidays coming I thought someone may need some! It's the lowest price it's ever been-- this set usually sits around $30. 

There ya go! My goal is to have 10 deals next week! My best suggestion for Christmas is to create wish lists to be able to monitor prices. We are also sharing that list with family members who buy for our kids to make it easier. 

Also NOW is the time to sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. If you sign up now you will get the Black Friday deals AND free shipping! Also by the time your trial is up you could POSSIBLY be done with Christmas shopping! Amazing right? Click HERE for a free 30 day trial. Remember you WILL be charged after the 30 days at the full prime price which is $99/year (which is still a great deal for all you get). I always write those deadlines on my calendar so I don't forget. 

Our Master Bath Refresh (& DIY chalk paint)

I am going to start this post by saying that we have a TINY master bathroom. It literally has enough space to fit the 4 necessary items- bath tub, shower, toilet and vanity. 

When we walked through our house, I remember being so happy with the rest of the house, and then getting to the master bedroom closet and bathroom and hearing a womp womp. We turned our master closet over to the experts at California Closets because we were just at a loss. The bathroom was all on us! 

We started by choosing a paint color. I don't even really remember choosing the aqua, but I remember thinking I wanted it a Tiffany Blue. I actually had a Tiffany's box and put it next to the paint color swatches to be sure! We ended up going with "Cool Jazz" by Behr. I LOVED our old home's front door color that we chose (Sweet Rhapsody)- so we went 1 shade lighter for this bathroom.

The first thing we did was install big chunky floating shelves over the toilet. This was Josh's brain child and he did an amazing job pulling it off!
Next up was the vanity. Oyyyy. I went back and forth SO MANY TIMES. We started painting this bathroom over a year ago. It was the summer of 2015. And I dragged my feet for so long. Partly out of fear. Our home doesn't feel old enough to me that we need to re-do things. But the longer I live, the more I realize that I don't want to do things because that's the "right way" or "what normal people do". I want to make my house my home. And painting the vanity was one thing that I felt would really brighten the space.

So the obligatory before:

I used the trim paint from the rest of our house for this makeover. I lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper to add depth and dimension. At the end of the post I will share sources of everything I used (I make my own chalk paint and finish with a finishing paste).
We wanted SO BAD to trim the mirror with wood, but we have a pesky plug that backs right up to the mirror and husband said it would be weird to cut around that. ^^you can see it up there.

I might have a slight obsession with makeup so just disregard ;) I don't store it away on a normal day, so #reallife here.

See the blue mason jar soap dispensers. #hearteyes
Josh upgraded the light- it had been a dim globe light. I had this beautiful chandelier in our old house's master bath and when we got in this past summer to fix a few things, I had Josh snag this for me. We replaced it with what had been there originally. 

I am planning to put some sort of our initials on this canvas in gold HTV so it'll be a tone on tone subtle look. 
We got rid of the towel rack and replaced with these knobs that look like old crystal door knobs. The knob on the left is so my towel can be within reach when I soak in the tub.
Like I said, this bathroom is SMALL. I feel like I elbow every wall every way I turn! But here is our tub nook. It was my goal this year to take more bubble baths and unfortunately that hasn't happened. But I do enjoy a bath every so often! #yestherearedinosinthetub #againreallife

The only change we made here is the wall below the tub. It had been tan (like the rest of the bathroom), and then I painted it blue when I painted the bathroom. But it felt so incredibly disjointed and awkward. I went back and forth with it and decided to paint the little part white to match the trim to make it look like more of a built in piece. Josh added the "battens" to create a board and batten look. It literally took 10 minutes a glue to make this happen. It was so easy and made such an impact. 
All in all we LOVE this change. Painting the vanity white added SO MUCH to this tiny space. We are actually toying with the idea of painting the kitchen cabinets. #iknowright I have heard how much work painting kitchen cabinets are, so we will see. We also want to see how our vanity wears before we do anything drastic. My biggest hesitation is we eventually want our townhouse to be a rental and we aren't sure the upkeep of painted cabinets vs. the dark wood. We have a few other projects to wrap up first, so we'll see! 

Here are the sources for this project: 

1. Deglosser. This product is like a liquid sandpaper. If you use enough with enough strength it'll take the finish off the cabinets. I rub all the cabinets down pretty quickly with this. It gets the grime off and makes the surface suitable for painting. 
2. Paint. I use Behr's Premium Plus paint in matte. Our house trim color is toasted marshmallow. This has primer in it and covers well. It's not the cheapest paint they sell, but it isn't the most expensive. 
3. Calcium Carbonate. I save our yogurt containers and any other random plastic tubs and I mix 2-ish tablespoons into about 1.5 cups of paint. More or less won't hurt anything. This gives the finish a chalky finish, it helps it adhere to the cabinets without sanding, and it makes the paint SUPER fast drying! 
4. Sandpaper to distress. I prefer 120 grit for distressing. 
5. Minwax Paste Finishing Wax. I rub this on with a paper towel (and I wear latex gloves). The fumes are pretty strong! Wax on, wax off. This takes the "chalky" feel off the paint finish without making it glossy. It also protects the finish. 
There you have my arsenal of secrets! I never skip a step and use this method on not just cabinets, but also on night stands and dressers. 
*contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are a win win. They provide a direct link to the  products I love, and they help support the blog! Read my disclosures here

Amazon Round Up: October 21

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Amazon. You really can't beat the convenience of 2 day shipping. We have been Amazon customers for YEARS (maybe 8?). They have slowly added different services over the years (Pantry, Fire Stick with streaming, Subscribe/Save, etc.) that for us have made the yearly membership cost worth it. For quick 2 day shipping and access to almost everything we would ever need it has paid for itself over and over again. If you have never tried prime, you can get a free 30 day trial here.

I occasionally share deals that I come across on Facebook, but I thought that as we approach Christmas that it would be fun to have a weekly round up here on the blog. I will post baby items, house items, toys, etc. Some things I have used and some I haven't but that we are interested in OR have great reviews. Please remember that Amazon prices change FAST, so from the time I post to the time you read the prices may have changed. If that happens I'M SORRY. It's part of the game. I'll always leave the price written underneath so you can double check.This post contains affiliate links, which means I received a small commission from each purchase from my direct link. Read my disclosures here

First up is an AMAZING diaper deal. In order to maximize the savings I recommend first signing up for Amazon Family. This is FREE. This is Amazon's program for diaper subscriptions which gives you 20% off (YES TWENTY!). Please don't run away when you hear "subscriptions". Yes, you have to subscribe to receive this order every month or every 2 months, etc. BUT you can cancel these subscriptions AS SOON AS they arrive. So don't feel tied down. I usually cancel my subscription as soon as it arrives in the mail. 

These diapers usually stay around the $42 mark which is roughly 24cents a diaper. Which is NOT a deal. If you buy this without subscribing, it's $32 (19cents/diaper). BUT if you subscribe it takes the price to $25.59 (15cents/diaper). THAT is a very good price (and the lowest to date on Amazon)! 
with $2 off coupon: 
Just to compare- Size 3- 174 pack at Walmart and Target is $32, which will not give you the 20% off or free shipping (unless you have Walmart's shipping pass or Target's red card). :)

I'm a pretty huge fan of cleaning with microfiber rags. This is an amazing deal for 48 (!!) rags. I personally LOVE using different colored rags for different spaces (mirrors/glass, polishing, counters, etc). Read all about how I color code and organize my cleaning supplies here. I grabbed my rags at Target, so while I haven't personally used these, they have amazing reviews. The average price of this pack is $24 and the current price of $17.99 is the LOWEST PRICE it's ever been! And if we needed more I would have already bought them ;) 
We love LEGOs in our house! While we don't need another set, this classic supplement set is amazing to make up for lost pieces! Two of my favorite lego hacks? Color code them for storage and find fun designs online that your kids can recreate (instead of buying new sets every time). This set is $14.79 and is only FOUR CENTS from the lowest price ever on Amazon! Stock up now for Christmas!
The next three deals will be add-on items which means you need to spend $25 on products shipped by Amazon. I like to save these items in my wishlist and add them to my order when I am placing a $25 order! These markers are $2.79 for a 20-pack! This particular marker has been discontinued by Crayola (so what?) so the price is over half off  the regular list price!
Sticking with the coloring theme, this Melissa and Doug coloring pad is adorable. It usually ranges in the $6 range (although it's recently been as high as $15 (!!). 
I already mentioned that we love LEGOs, and we love giving LEGOs as gifts! This is a great price as an add on item (free ship with qualifying $25 order). We have had a few of these sets that create 3 different finished pieces using the same pieces. These sets usually range from $6-$8. 

Also I have photographed our Master Bathroom Vanity that I've been promising to post about for a month. I edited pictures yesterday and it'll post next week! We are slowly checking off our fall bucket list items and I CANNOT BELIEVE we are in the second half of the month. What in the world?

September Goals- how'd it go?

It is hard to believe that's it's already October! Absolutely crazy.

I set some specific goals at the end of August when I was feeling like I had hit a rut. I missed blogging terribly and I needed a booty kick to get back in gear.

Here were my goals:
1. Paint our bathroom vanity and nightstands. This has been on my list FOREVER and I want to knock this project out and enjoy my work!
2. Decorate for fall. I love this season and I want it up ASAP. I also want to decorate for Christmas this year the first week of November so this will give me plenty of time to enjoy both seasons.
3. Meet my income goals for my shop. Without being too detailed my goal is to double what I currently put in.
4. READ! I love reading. I would love to read 2 books this month (1 fiction and 1 nonfiction). Curious what's on my wishlist? Go here. I am doing a book study on Uninvited so that one will definitely be read.
5. Blog once a week. There, I said it.

And here is how I did. 
1. I finished our vanity! I did NOT finish our nightstands. But I am super proud of the vanity and am happy with how it turned out. I will post about it soon!

2. I definitely got our fall game on early! I was hoping the weather would follow through but it still feels like SUMMER. 
3. Meet my income goals (doubling what I put in). I did well this month! I was thrilled to be able to pay my credit card 20 days early this month. I use a credit card to build sky miles and pay it off every month. I can usually tell how I'm doing by how close to the deadline I am paying my card. And I doubled my income! So yay for goals!

4. Read! I did this well. Well actually I stumbled upon a free Audible trial and used it to listen to 3 books this month! I read Present Over Perfect, Bittersweet, and Goodbye Survival Mode; all of which are in my book tab at the top of the blog ^. I did not read any fiction, but I felt like I made HUGE strides on goal setting, healing, and self-care. I highly recommend each of these 3 books! I'm currently listening to "Looking For Lovely" by Annie Downs currently. I am also in an Uninvited Bible Study so I am about halfway through that, and Josh and I are slowly going through the book The Year Without a Purchase.

5. Blog once a week. I felt like I stuck to this week. I post dated 1 post (our farmhouse table one), but I felt that it fit better not back to back to my other posts this month. Overall I am pleased! I am going to post soon about my October goals, so stay tuned for that!