Organized Office Supplies

While I absolutely LOVE my embroidery machines, I have had my Silhouette Cameo for nearly FOUR years and have been able to complete so many fun projects. I'm actually a little embarrassed that I don't know more than I do about the Silhouette. I literally only know how to cut vinyl-- so I have a lot to learn!

I was recently asked to review Angel Craft Vinyl for a highly discounted price, and of COURSE I jumped at the opportunity. I guess you can call this a sponsored post, although I wasn't forced in anyway to do a blog post on the product- just an honest Amazon review (and Instagram and Facebook post). But I genuinely love the product (clearly or else I wouldn't be posting), and I wanted to show my latest project! Read my disclosures HERE.
What I absolutely love about this product (besides the amazing colors of course) is that it comes in 6"x12" sheets. I ordered a sample pack from a company years ago and it was 12"x24" and while that was great, the sheets were just too big to store. I ended up having to roll them and store them vertically which makes it difficult to 1. see what I have and 2. unroll when it's time to cut. Unrolling them creates a nasty bubble that's nearly impossible to work out.
The 6"x12" sheets are the perfect size to store in my plastic storage container that easily fits up to 12"x12" pieces.

I found this lovely storage spinner thing in the dollar section of Target (HOLLER!). I loved that it was white (others were primary colors) so I grabbed 2 of them- 1 for me and the other for the kid's work station. 
I do a HUGE variety of projects in my office and I need my supplies easy to reach. Every pair of scissors has a unique purpose and I have my own set of paintbrushes and markers that the kids aren't allowed to touch. ;) Although this takes up a pretty large footprint on my desk, it stores SO MUCH and allowed me to get rid of 2 marker containers, a pen/pencil cup, and it corrals my various tools.

While the container wasn't terrible plain, it definitely needed labels.
When I swapped out my old office computer for an iMac last month, I had to learn how to download all my pretty fonts again. I was a pro in the Windows format but had never downloaded on the Mac platform. It was WAY easier than I thought! The font used here is KG Lego House.

I got it all typed up, cut,
and weeded!
and began to transfer the vinyl to the transfer tape. 
I actually use clear contact paper for transfer tape. It is slightly more sticky than transfer tape, so sticking it to my shirt a few times solves that problem. Also I only used ONE piece of contact paper for this whole project. One piece of transfer tape or contact paper can go a LONG way! (and who doesn't love to save supplies??)

When it comes to actually sticking the vinyl on the item, I honestly just eye it. I'm sure I could break out the ruler and get perfectly centered-- but eyeing it works for me!
What I absolutely love about this vinyl is that it's Made in USA! That's amazing! The pack I linked to (that I purchased) has a mix of matte and gloss colors.
I will eventually label the kid's supply holder too. We are in the process of moving my office around (that I still haven't shared on the blog) to fit my new embroidery machine. This kid's art station is going to get a facelift in the coming weeks, so I am going to wait to label when that is complete!