Powder Room Update!

When it comes to picking a paint color, I am usually the worst. I LOVE paint, but there are times I regret my decisions so I make it ten times harder than it should be.

This room was the exception. When we walked through before we even put an offer on this house, this room screamed "NAVY" to me! I'm honestly not even sure why? I loved the bead board and how bright the whole space felt. But something about a regal navy against all that white just did something to my soul.

Here is where we started:
Is it any shock that this room was tan? Bleh. I have embraced the tan in rooms I'm not quite ready to paint, but this space was itching for something different.

I used Behr's Ultra Premium Plus paint in Regatta Bay. I actually went with this color SUPER last minute, because while I knew I wanted navy, I wasn't quite sure which tone I was looking for.
The sample looks like it's a bit more cornflower/purple. Please note that there is absolutely NO natural light anywhere remotely close to this bathroom. It is literally in the CENTER of our townhouse (that only has windows in the front and back). I edited the best I could to show true colors.
Isn't that CRAZY how colors read differently in different lights? See why I was a little panicked picking from a sample swatch? Every color I LOVED in the space, I HATED in natural light and vise versa. 

I was SMITTEN with this towel the second I saw it! I grabbed it months ago and it's been begging for a room to be put in. I would still like to add art of some sort over this towel, but I am a huge believer that if I'm not inspired, then I am not forcing it. So I'll wait for something I love!

Also a side note about the mirror. I thought SURE that before and during this process that I would want to repaint the mirror. However, I actually really like the darkness! Maybe I'm just dark and twisty (Gray's reference). We will most likely swap out the builder faucet for a farmhouse/oil rubbed bronze one eventually. 

This little shelf was a thrift store find (originally black) and the fabric/frame I've had for a while (it lived in our old master bath). I didn't redecorate this space at all. Everything came out to paint, and then back in after it dried! 

I absolutely love this little shelf that was gifted to us from a friend. It holds extra towels and morning necessities for the kids so I don't have to run up the stairs one hundred times a morning. 

It's important to see that I painted the ceiling the same blue as the walls. This is a TOUGH call. Our entire house's ceilings are painted the same color as the walls (even when there is crown moulding). I painted our master ceiling the color of the moulding, but everything else I have left the same. This room doesn't have crown, so honestly to make things easier, I just continued the color on the ceiling. I also did this in Luke's Americana room, Emberly's pink princess room, and their shared lime/navy bathroom. You would *think* that the navy would make it feel smaller. BUT it doesn't add a "cap" to the space so it seems as if the navy extends forever. 

I thought stepping back and showing this full space would give a better perspective. The entrance to this bathroom is through a tiny "hall" that has a storage closet. It's a super cute little nook. And after this facelift, I have caught myself just stopping and staring... I just LOVE it! 
I'd say 1 can of paint and 1 night's work was totally worth it!