As promised I am back sharing the printables that we used in the kid's new bathroom. Before we get to the link I am going to show you how we hung them. This was actually Josh's idea so I can't take any credit.  

I wanted to hang them differently (not in frames), and after seeing these magnets on the fridge I knew they were what I wanted to use. 

Josh figured out that since they were magnetic a roofing nail was the perfect solution. They aren't too long and have a really wide surface area.

After measuring for the middle and measuring the distance apart... voila. 

You know the best thing about sharing projects? Sharing the love of course! Grab your own "Wash, Brush, Flush, and Floss" printables! Click the link below to download your very own copy.

Kids Bathroom Reveal

It's finally DONE! 

I envisioned my kids having a navy and lime bathroom for YEARS. It's the perfect colors for kids of the opposite gender sharing a bathroom. I obviously wasn't going to fill it with heart or cars. I wanted something timeless that wouldn't get babyish in a few years. This space also doubles as our overnight guest bath so I wanted it to be happy and classic for the guests we have in our home without it feeling like a grimy kids bathroom. Let's be honest, kids are gross.  

From this view you can see that we OBVIOUSLY painted. When people walk in and say "whoa" I take that as a compliment. :) The color is Key Lime by Behr. I am totally in love with Behr paint. I think I gushed about their paint after working on Emberly's room and here and here. It goes on great, has thick even coverage, and covered in barely 2 coats. I will say that it probably would have been fine with one but I didn't apply it enough in some areas. I'm dying to try their Marquee paint that promises coverage in 1 coat. #wishlist

I also painted the ceiling (to flow with the rest of the house). I've mentioned before that every room's ceilings are the color of the walls and while strange at first I love it now! So I followed suit. Also can you believe I haven't monogrammed these towels? #iknowright
and before we get too far into this post, here is a before from walkthrough day:
We swapped out the globes. The old ones were pretty dark (almost muddy). It's difficult to get a good picture since it's hard to shoot INTO the light. But you get the idea- they're BRIGHT! I made this switch MONTHS ago and it immediately made a huge difference (before the walls were even done). 
 I whipped up these printables and I love how they carry the length of this wall. I am going to share these printables with you later this week AND show you how to hang them with these hooks. A two for one!

**Go here to get your printable!
Turning to the other wall is this cute nook. I'll source everything at the end of this post. 
I will go ahead and say the pallet shelf came from one of our online yard sales. Best $5 I've spent in a while! We already had the shower curtain and I added the navy blue anchor. One day I'll do a tutorial to show you how to make your own (with whatever pattern you'd like!). It's SO easy. 

And that arrow? 
It represents a near and dear verse. And I will most likely be buying this print SOON and hanging it above the toilet! :)

I thought that adding something, ANYTHING to the shower curtian hooks would add a lot. I love this simple ribbon I stumbled across at Hobby Lobby. You can't beat 99 cents. 
And turning around this is the view of the doorway. Of course bows for the princess. Also it makes it pretty easy since we have 2 kids- they each get a drawer to stash their stuff. If I'm being honest, the sink top NEVER looks like this. I may have hid some stuff in the tub for pictures. 
Behind the door is a hidden linen closet which I LOVE. It totally uses this awkward space well. We also keep kid's meds and cleaning supplies in there hence the child lock.  

I also swapped out the handles on the vanity. I wanted something fun and lighthearted- nothing serious. After getting these home I realized how 70s they look (#flowerpower). But it's all for the kids. Luke LOVED them and they match #sotheystay. I looked high and low for anchor pulls and while I found a few the price wasn't right. I scored these at HL 50% off. You can see the originals in the before picture. 
I started this room Labor Day- I planned to take 1 day to paint and then guess what? I didn't get done. I left the ladder up that night thinking "no big deal, I'll finish tomorrow" and then Luke was up all night with a stomach bug #mommyoftheyear. "Here kid just sit under this ladder while you puke." Yep that happened. 

But I love the outcome. And he would agree. And while it seems that every major project takes me 6 months, I'm glad this is done!! My next project will be our master bedroom/bathroom tiffany blue aqua and gray anyone? And actually a WHITE ceiling. Gasp. Maybe I'll update around Christmas. ;)

vinyl {mine}
handtowels/washcloths {ikea | target}
curtain rings: ribbon {hobby lobby}
arrow {hobby lobby: can't find the link!}
pallet shelf {local online yard sale}

seeded glass globes {Lowes}