Quick and Easy: Stools

The first thing that totally made us swoon over our house when we walked through was the gourmet kitchen with granite counters and the bar height island. 

We knew pretty immediately that we were going to put stools there, but we weren't sure what look we were going for. I am a sucker for the farmhouse look-- which isn't totally terrible since all our moulding and wainscoting is antique white. 

We found these beauties on a local yardsale site. While I originally envisioned 3 stools in this space, my husband who likes even numbers decided it was 2 or 4. Four would be too much, so we grabbed these babies. I believe we paid $40 for both. 
They aren't amazing or anything. And the green leaves much to be desired. But I saw the potential. They had good lines.

I really didn't like the wicker seat. Like REALLY hated. And while I would have loved to recover them with fabric, the shape was really bizarre. They sink down slightly and aren't a perfect square. They have notches out of the corners and the more I tried to figure out how to recover them, the more confused I got. Josh suggested just seeing what some stain would do. So I grabbed my favorite (Minwax's Walnut*). This stain is the most used in my house! I love that it can be kind of light, or deep dark depending on the look I am going for.

I learned somewhere that stain will only absorb to a certain point. So I did 2 coats on this, but this was as dark as it would get. This was as much as the wicker could absorb. And while it's not a huge difference, it's enough to make it a little darker.
I used my favorite Rustoleum Ivory Bisque* spray paint. It's the same color I used on the lamp in the background. You can see that post here. I used the semi-gloss sheen.

Overall I love the functionality the stools added. I will occasionally sit and eat breakfast here or work at my laptop (it's one place that 20 month old fingers can't get to). Also if we have company we just pull the stools off to the side and use the counter top as a serving bar. Love it!

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What's New @Create Pretty

It's a new year and I am excited about what's in store for Create Pretty! My etsy shop is up and rolling (even though I'd be super happy if I could get 50 items posted). That seems to be my sweet spot.

So far this year I've offered a few spring/summer dresses and I opened a sweatshirt order. Sweatshirts are set to ship THIS week and the spring/summer dresses have already shipped! Yay!
What's new now?

Hats! While not technically new, I am offering different colors from the choices last year! I also have a good bit of kids sized hats for "mommy and me" matching monograms! Check them out here.
I also posted this sweet racer back tank with a matching skirt and hairbow. This tank is something that I won't be able to get forever... but it coordinates so well with this skirt fabric! Grab it before it's gone (and it's totally unique to Facebook- meaning I don't sell this on etsy). You can find it on my wall if you scroll down a few posts.
I always struggle with what to offer for boys! It's so hard to find cute boutique quality boys clothes. Since I have a 5 year old I know the struggle. It was always so disheartening to walk in a store and see racks and racks of cute girls clothes and only see 1 or 2 racks for boy clothes. This order is open until the 28th. It is a preorder for summer clothes that will ship in early May. Cute huh?
As always, I offer baby shower gifts (burp cloths, baby blankets, bibs) year round along with seasonal shirts! And while it's hard to believe that it's almost Valentine's day, in the monogram world I've moved on to Easter and Summer designs!

I am always working a season ahead! The last chance to get Valentine's day shirts in is the end of January to guarantee V-day delivery!

Florida Roundup

This past weekend my parents and the kids and I headed away from the cold and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine of Florida (even though I heard that GA had pretty nice weather). Unfortunately Josh wasn't able to make it. Even though he asked for the weekend off months ago, it wasn't granted. Boo. We made the best of it... he assured me he'd be ok, and I needed a few days to clear my head.

We had a rough start. Emmie had been coughing for about a week, and when I actually decided that we would be making the trip I realized I should probably take her to the pediatrician to avoid an urgent care visit there. The Dr. said that her lungs sounded horrible (wheezing) and put her on steroids (YAY!) and an inhaler. She had the inhaler last time, but I wasn't sure about the dosage this time. Overall I'm glad we went but steroids made for a psycho baby those first few days. 

She was fascinated by the sand. She really had never been in sand (maybe once last summer at our lake) but she is now definitely a fan!
 This pretty much sums up their relationship. I heart it big time.

 We spent hours on the sand and while the wind made it a little chilly, the sun felt amazing!
 MLK day we went to Kennedy Space Center. I had been as a kid, but it was fun seeing it as an adult. Luke really enjoyed it. He liked seeing "those big rockets".
 We got an up close view at the crawler (that would take the shuttles to their launch pad at an astounding 1 MPH).
 And launch pad 39A.
I didn't get a great picture of it, but they actually had a launch Tuesday so we were able to see that rocket on it's launch pad. Dad got to see it go up from our condo balcony.

The kids were amazed at the size of these apollo shuttles.
 The morning we left, we played a round of miniature golf. Let's just say that I can blame this picture of the crazy steroids. Poor baby. Oh and she was cutting 4 teeth too.
 Little man was super brave and held a baby alligator. It was really cute!
 He also held a...
fair warning... a snake may be in the next picture...
I gave you plenty of warning...

I just... there aren't words. I am terrified of snakes. Like skin crawling, nauseated scared. So for him to hold wear a 6.5 foot boa that weighed more than he did... I'm amazed.
Overall it was great to get out of town for a few days. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. And while I don't WANT to get back into a routine, I know we always function better when we have a routine.

And this face makes the sleepless nights with a teething, coughing baby totally worth it!

this too shall pass...

I am so excited to share this project with you. I'm not sure what it is about this project that just made me happy, but I loved absolutely every step of this! 

For starters, I mentioned a while ago that there are houses being built in our neighborhood. At the end of every driveway is a handmade trash bin where the construction trash is thrown. We even talked to the builder one day when we went on a walk and he said that anything in those trash bins were trash (in other words, free for the taking). It isn't too often that we find a large piece of lumber in there but this was an exception. It was a pretty splintered board that was slightly warped. But it was perfect for my little project! 

I knew I needed this phrase in my house. My mom said (and still says) this to me all the time growing up. This project was done and hung days before our sweet Sadie went to dog heaven. And it's been a great reminder that the raw feelings we have will pass. 

And while  it's a great reminder that bad things in life are temporary, it's also a great reminder that the good times are fleeting too. The happy laughs, the togetherness, these sweet years... So I wanted to be reminded of it daily. 

I debated on the millions of ways I could accomplish this. I wanted sparkles and cursive. Nothing too rustic. So I ran to my favorite font (sacramento)...
and I gathered my supplies. 
{pictured: glitter, glue, and wood}
{not pictured: chalk}

I went ahead and stained the board months ago. On that day we had a yard sale and had 2 people show up. Yes, two. I was bored. It's Minwax's walnut stain. 

I printed the quote above and then free handed it with chalk. Then I covered the chalk with regular Elmer's glue. 
and sprinkled a little glitter on...
the I dumped the glitter (elementary I know):
and I did this in sections. Overall I am really impressed by how easy this project was! I wasn't sure if it would look like a little kid's glitter art (not my goal), and I think it actually looks more sophisticated than I thought it would. 

Of course my handy husband hung it for me. Your welcome for the alliteration. 
I wanted it right over our front door. In a place of honor.
 The whole entry way is just really awkward, and it's not really conducive to hanging anything. But this works right over the front door. We slammed the door a few times to make sure it will stay. (it did)
I am thankful for this reminder daily! This was also a goal of mine back in September (#5). Remember that list? I'm going to update that list in a few days and let you know how I've done. I mean it's only been 5 months... #nbd. 

Silhouette Tips: How to Weld

I shared here about how to download free fonts. I love downloading fonts to use with my Silhouette. I honestly really only cut vinyl because with embroidery and monogramming I don't have the time to do much more.

But I wanted to share a tip with you. It's something that took me a while (and lots of frustration) to figure out. It's actually a really simple fix!

Ever have this happen?

See how the cursive letters overlap? If you are cutting vinyl, and you go to peel this off the backing, it will leave holes in your word. Annoying.
It's a pretty easy fix that I learned a little too late in the game. After choosing your font and typing whatever you want to type...
highlight the whole thing (or click Ctrl+A). Once everything is highlighted, right click and you will be give TONS of options.
Click Weld and watch the magic happen before your very eyes!
See how it is all one continuous word instead of being broken into the individual letters? This is especially helpful for monograms too!

Once you know how to weld a whole new world of possibilities open! I used this method when I cut the vinyl for the Ikea magazine rack I also shared last week!