PSA from Teacher Caroline | Laminator

I can.not. believe that I have lived 30 years AND taught 5 years of school without a personal laminator. Now that I'm NOT teaching, isn't it ironic that I finally bought one for myself? 😂

I had been eyeing the Scotch brand laminators because those are what I saw in the stores, but when I went to order, Amazon's price for the Scotch brand was slightly ridiculous. I noticed that they had THEIR OWN BRAND for less than $20! $20 was about what I was willing to spend. Also what sets this laminator above others I've used is NO CARRIER SHEET! The others I've personally used had a protective sheet over the laminating sheet pouch (which basically creates an extra step). This laminator doesn't require that protective sheet. I had great success just using the Amazon brand laminating pouches.

I actually paid $19 for it-- and RIGHT NOW it's on sale for $17.88 which is so awesome since school is about to start! Also can we have a moment for public schools starting July 31? #Icanteven I'm not even teaching and I can think of 100 reasons why I needed this. I plan to label some bins in our linen closet and I want the labels to be protected. Also with homeschooling I'm sure a bunch of things will come up that I will be glad to have this.

Also pictured are these ADORABLE snack sized baggies. WHERE WERE THESE when I was making centers for my classroom?? My first laminating project was these alphabet cards that were sent home with Emmie at the end of last year and these bags fit them perfectly! You can easily add them to your grocery pickup order (use my link for $10 off!)

Not sure how long that price will stay on Amazon for the laminator but here are quick links to grab what I mentioned! (It's only .89 cents away from the lowest price ever offered on Amazon and it's the lowest price it's been in 2 years!!).

Laminator----> HERE
Laminator sheets----> HERE
SQUARE snack bags----> HERE

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Oh hey again!

2016 was a hard year. We were (in some ways still are) in the trenches with little ones, and life, rental houses, jobs, and commitments. I had to majorly apply the breaks last July and have since been on a self renewing of sorts. I declared last fall/winter my season of rest and I began weaning myself away from commitments that were making life so crazy. And continuing to learn how to say no.

I was propelled into this rest when I lost my job last July and I realized that I didn't feel like I was doing anything well. I want to do few things well-- not many things mediocre. 

Since then I have stepped back from volunteering at school functions, stepped down from teaching preschool, and majorly cut back my church commitments. I have purposely left our calendar empty and have not over scheduled play dates and STUFF just to do them.

IT.HAS.BEEN.FANTASTIC. (clapping hands emoji)

Everything that has fallen off my commitment list has felt freeing. Almost that feeling of chopping off 4 inches of hair. I did that too. 

Oh yeah, WE MOVED IN APRIL. We had been living in a 3 bedroom townhouse all while dreaming of a 4 bedroom house with a yard. While we wanted to pay a few extra things off (my van, sell our first house, etc.) we received some financial advice that this spring was a time to jump (interest rates combined with climbing home prices-- helps to have a  hubby in the mortgage industry). I'll write a more detailed post about how everything worked-- it was simply amazing how all the pieces fell into place. 
But I am so glad that we were somewhat settled by the time summer came. This summer has been blissful. We are taking it easy, keeping our schedules clear, and watching lots of movies because RAIN!!! SO MUCH RAIN. We have been swimming nearly everyday that it hasn't rained which has been so much fun. 

I realized in my time of rest that I MISSED THE BLOG SO MUCH. I kept thinking of ideas to share and projects I wanted to document. Thankfully I started a list in my phone to keep track of everything I wanted to write about so that when I did get back here I would have a bunch of ideas to get going. 

When I stepped away I'll be honest-- I wasn't sure I was going to return. But in following my heart and my passions I realized that this is something I truly love and I am so excited to be back!

I am setting NO RULES for myself with blogging because I want it to be fluid and real life/real time. I can't wait to get back to writing posts and linking things because I LOVE IT and I have truly missed it! It won't all be house updates... I plan to throw in frugal living with deals and also some life stuff too. So happy to be back!