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The last time I posted a Friday Favorites we hadn't yet left to travel to see the eclipse! I will do a separate post because it was that amazing. People who said it was "underwhelming" obviously didn't experience totality. It was beautiful, spiritual, and a force of nature that reminded me how little I was and how great our God is! 
This picture was snapped during the 1 minute 36 seconds of totality we had! We also enjoyed a 360 degree sunset. And YES it got dark as night. The first picture I took without a flash didn't show my kids! Had to turn a flash on for it. 

On a lighter note-- have you ever tried a hair serum?! I got this as a sample a few months ago-- loved it so much that I bought the bigger size. It is NOT CHEAP, but a little goes a VERY long way. I use half a pump (2-3 times a week) on all my dry ends to nourish them. I love putting it on before bed because my hair smells SO GOOD when I wake up. Also it's fantastic to use while your hair is wet. I also use it on Emmie's hair because it makes it smell AMAZING! Check it out HERE. Also add it to your subscriptions to save 15%! 

We are in our FOURTH week of school! We are loving the University Model of schooling. This was a view into one of our history lessons about archaeology. The 4 year old gets involved too!

This girl is in her third week of preschool and she LOVES it so much. She wishes she could go every day of the week. She loves her friends and her teachers. We get to the drop off line about 20 minutes early everyday (because I go straight from one school to the other) and so I get some good quality time with her.

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