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We were pretty in love with our house when we first laid eyes on it, but we knew that while it was well built and had great bones... cosmetically it needed a facelift.

I mentioned in my makeup drawer post that we are going to do this bathroom in 2 phases-- so phase one is faucets, paint, linens, decor. Phase 2 is the bigger stuff-- granite, shower remodel, maybe another window?

So these faucets were pretty high up on our priority list. I'll be honest that I REALLY wanted to update the faucets in the half bath downstairs and the kid's bathroom upstairs because these faucets are the same in every bathroom and the kids have a REALLY hard time turning the water off-- so I'll come upstairs at the end of the day to a faucet that has been running ALL DAY. ugh. To their defense I also don't always turn them all the way off-- we are just used to the back and forth faucets, not turn in a circle faucets.

Anyways-- Josh's faucet was broken so it expedited this project to the top of our priority list. Here are the faucets we purchased:

I said this in my lighting post but I'll say it again because I believe in it that much-- do not overlook AMAZON as a legit place to buy things for your home. So many times their prices are spot on. I have been looking for Oil Rubbed Bronze faucets for YEARS. We wanted to replace the faucets in our first house but never got around to it, and then thought about upgrading ours in the townhouse but the price was never right. In the 5 or so years that I have been looking, I never saw a faucet for below $80 at Home Depot or Lowes. I was able to get this faucet for $40 and it INCLUDED the drain piece (since our old drain was gold). That is an important detail because drains will run you about $20 so if you think the faucet is a good price/cheap but it doesn't have the drain you need to work that into your price!

I love the copper elements this faucet brings to the space and for a hot minute I am tossing the idea of adding copper hardware to the vanity after it's painted.... still not 100% sure yet.

I will add that if you spend a pretty penny on faucets, the guts of them will hopefully be metal. Ours are plastic and we are ok with that. That is where you get the cost savings. If you are paying a lot for faucets and the insides are plastic-- well you are just getting ripped off. We figured if a metal drain lasted 20 years, we are ok with a plastic drain lasting 10. Our taste will probably change and we are ok swapping it out down the road if necessary.

And because everyone loves a good before and after:

We literally moved in and I plopped everything I need daily on the counter and haven't looked back. Because we haven't really done anything in here yet, I haven't styled or really thought through how I want this space to look. Just figured I'd mention that this space isn't DONE by any means! Just slow gradual updates!

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