Steals and Deals | 8/2/17

It's no secret that I am literally obsessed with Amazon. I think my delivery people eyeroll me everyday. I typically get 4-5 shipments a week and I don't buy out of convenience (although it is convenient). I buy there because THE PRICES ARE CHEAPER if done correctly. Also remember that Amazon prices fluctuate daily (sometime hourly) so if the prices are different than what I have quoted that's just the name of the game. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are a win win. They provide a direct link to the  products I love, and they help support the blog! Read my disclosures here
I wrote a whole post on how to Amazon here, but I thought I'd share a few current deals! Just a reminder that IF YOU CAN "subscribe and save" an item, it's usually cheaper if you can wait.

I re-evaluate my subscriptions every month. Sometimes there are better current deals and you can delete the old subscription and get a coupon for the new subscription (coupons will only be applied on the next order).

Here is an example on my July order that arrived the other day:
Kleenex- I saved $1 simply by deleting my old subscription and redoing it.

I am a Silhouette girl and it's always a happy surprise when the sticky mats are on sale! I've heard that you can use this mat with a Cricut but I've obviously never tried. The regular price is FANTASTIC and the Subscribe and Save is the lowest it's ever been!

Silhouette Cutting Mat: $8.17 ($7.00 subscribe/save)

I wish this had been on sale 2 years ago when we really struggled with bedtime/waking up in the middle of the night. I know many mamas who have had success from this "ok to wake" alarm clock. The average price is around $27 for this and it's currently $22! It stays red when kids are suppose to still be in bed and then turns green for whatever time is appropriate for them to "wake" or come out of their room. Emmie can now read a digital clock so we don't have a need for it- but I seriously considered it a few years ago!
OK to Wake!: $22.79

Full disclosure- I have an Apple Watch Series 2. But I researched fitness trackers HEAVILY and had I not snagged the Apple Watch (I got mine refurbished), I would have bought the FitBit Alta. I love how sleek it is while still telling time and keeping you on your goals. I wanted so desperately for it to go on sale while I was looking (it hovered right at $125), but it's been on sale for a few days now!

FitBit Alta: $99

I shared this amazing deal HERE but it is STILL ON SALE so I thought I'd mention it again! This laminator is priced at the lowest price it's ever been!
Laminator: $17.88

I am absolutely INTRIGUED by these after I saw them used on a blog I follow for meal prepping! They hold the ziplock bag in place while you fill them up with goodies. They typically hover around $11 and they are $6.73 for a 2-pack currently as an add on item. I typically put "add on" items in my cart and wait until I have $25 worth of stuff and then snag them. Can't wait too long though because Amazon prices are known to fluctuate!

Baggy Clips: $6.73

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