My Organized Make-up Drawer

One of the things I absolutely love about our new house is the size of our bathroom! We have never had a sizable master bathroom in any of our houses-- and while this bathroom is the LEAST updated of any bathroom we've had, the bones are there people! I spared you from seeing the mauve "accent" wall and floral border 😆

The counter is soooooo long. And while storage isn't optimized to it's potential, it's not horrible as is. We eventually would love to rip this builder grade oak vanity out, add an amazing unit with tons of storage and DRAWERS, and nice thick stone counters. But for now we have other pressing items where our budget is going (new sod out front and hiring painters for the 18ft. foyer ceiling).

Phase 1 in this bathroom will be keeping the main items (vanity, tub, shower) and upgrading with paint, new faucets, towels, rugs and art. Phase 2 will be a gut to replace the vanity, make the shower bigger, etc.

I'm not kidding when I say this was the FIRST space I tackled in this house. I needed SOMETHING to be in order and organized. I asked begged for the only drawer in the whole bathroom as a place to store my makeup so it was easily accessible and out of site. I had to store my makeup on the counter in our old house and it really cluttered things.
The drawer had contact paper from 1998 in it. And I swear it smelled like a nursing home. I ripped it out and put some elbow grease into cleaning that nastiness.
...sorry you can't unsee that.

I knew I needed some sort of organizers and cute shelf paper to cover that up. They make adorable contact paper/shelf liner with gorgeous designs, but I was REALLY feeling the sophistication of this black and white buffalo check wrapping paper. Wrapping paper will not hold up for the long run like actual shelf liner will, but for now I love it.

I so badly wish I could link this beautiful paper for you-- but I literally bought it on a Navy Base during their after Christmas sale... so.... good luck with that 😁 I did link a VERY similar one below (in tan). There are still tons of cute options! That white washed "wood" gives me all the heart eyes!

I bought #1 for another project in a different part of our house. OR use your favorite wrapping paper like I did!
                                               {1}*                                                     {2}*
                                               {3}*                                                       {4}*

I tried to separate my makeup by kind to figure out what I actually had and how I needed to store it. I measured the drawer across and mentally tried to figure out what size bins would work. Ultimately I decided I'd rather all the same size so I could mix and match laying them vertically and horizontally.
These are the acrylic drawer organizers* I chose:
I was pretty limited on the height of the organizer since these barely clear the top of the counter. My biggest piece of advice is to measure, measure, measure! Width wise my drawer was a little over 18inches and these acrylic organizes are 3in. wide X 6in. long. So I knew I could fit 3 length wise across or 6 vertically. Or a combo of vertical and horizontal (which is what I went with!). 

I am obsessed with how EASY this helps me get ready in the morning! Clockwise from 12o'clock I have my mascaras, matte eyeshadows, an entire bin for concealer (!!), my foundation/face prep/bb cream/moisturizers, my eye palettes/bronzers/blush in the middle, shimmer eye shadows in the center, lip stuff on the left, sample size creams/stuff on the far left and then eye liner/brow liner pencils! I love how this gives me a LIMIT. I literally can't fit anything else until I use through my products. To my defense I have a light bronzer and dark (summer/winter), along with BB cream and foundation that I keep 2 of for my tan face and pale face.

I literally pop my drawer open in the morning, get to work on my face, finish-- put everything back in it's place and close the drawer! So easy! I am obviously a Younique presenter, but am NOT a sales person so feel free to shop here (and ask me any questions!).

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