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One of the rooms we are focusing on first is our kitchen. Clearly I don't need to explain it further after this before photo right?
So here is a list of what we HAVE done:
-Ripped down those valences
-Painted the walls (I called the yellow "daycare" yellow 😂) Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Grey
-Replaced the faucet
-Replaced the pantry door knob
-Tore down the cabinet over the dishwasher and installed open shelving
-Began painting the cabinets
-Added under cabinet lights
-We pray everyday that the appliances die before our home warranty is up 😂😂😂 (sorta kidding, sorta not).

We are NO WHERE near being finished, but here are some progress photos:

We are s-l-o-w-l-y but surely painting the cabinets. It is definitely a process. Each cabinet needs to be scrubbed, deglossed, sanded, primed with 3 coats and then 3 coats of paint- and that's PER SIDE. Whew. I have purchased all the hardware (knobs HERE and handles HERE). By the way you can save a TON of money from buying hardware on Amazon!

The next task in here as we continue painting cabinets is LIGHTING! I am so flipping excited... I think. Our goal is to have all new lighting by the weekend of day light savings (so when it gets dark super early my kitchen will actually be bright). 

Our house is MAJORLY lacking overhead lighting. I guess that wasn't a thing in the 90s? Our living room has NO overhead lights, my office has NO over head lights, and the kitchen has an 80s box with fluorescent lights and a ceiling fan that doesn't spin. The fluorescent lights are dead, and I REFUSE to spend money on fluorescent lights when I hate that thing so much. 

So here are ceiling shots: 
(We are currently painting those 4 cabinet doors...)
So my plan is to add 4-6 recessed lights in 2 rows (either 2 rows with 2 lights or 2 rows with 3 lights. I am hoping the fluorescent light comes down without a HUGE hole in the ceiling that would be the middle of 3 lights (with one recessed light to the right and to the left) and then 2 or 3 more using the ceiling fan hole, leaving a space in the very middle of the room over the island. I'll come back to that in a minute.

Four to six recessed lights, then I want to add a pendant over the sink centered on the window. I REALLY wanted to have a wall mounted fixture above the sink, but unfortunately there isn't enough space. This is the fixture I was ready to buy:

But the ceilings are just too high (9 feet) and the wall is too little. 😥 So I continued my search for the perfect light! I came upon this BEAUTY!
I wanted it to be VERY clear so as not to obstruct the view outside. The glass is seeded glass which I love. It helps hide dust and looks so fresh and clean. I LOVE the shape of this fixture- it makes me think that Thomas Edison must have had a light like this in his studio! Also I bought it when it was $22!!!!! What a steal.

I'm not done! I told you I wanted LOTS of lights! So we have plans to extend the island (at the minimum we want to double the size-- maybe make it 2.5x's the size it is now). Of course we will get granite within the next 2 years. I want to make the island so the kids can pull a stool up and sit and so we can fit at least 4 people around it. We also would love to add shelving to the side and big chunky legs. I'm thinking something like this: 
Is that not GORGEOUS? 
Here is an island shot currently: 
The oak is KILLING me and we are using outdoor patio furniture for the kid's table. We'll look back at these days and laugh! But I can't wait to get a gorgeous slab of granite and to extend that counter! 

Then centered over the island I would like to add a chandelier as a focal point for the room. There is so much going on with the patio door to the sun room, all the cabinets/appliances, island, etc. so I need ONE place to focus on. Here is the chandelier I am eyeing: 
So that is the plan! 4-6 recessed lights, a pendant over the sink and a chandelier over the island! I can't wait to get our electrician in and to get everything wired and ready! 

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