July Reads

I was never really a reader growing up. It wasn't something I enjoyed and I pretty much only read the things I had to read-- which made reading even more painful.

I really fell in love with books in college in my Children's Lit class I had to take. We went back and read elementary level books and I saw the joy in reading for the first time.

I set a goal last year to read one book a month-- so 12 books total for the year. I am brutal with books and if I lose interest or I am just not into it, I just quit reading. It's not worth my time. But I pretty much destroyed my 2016 goal (in a good way).

Since this has been my year of rest, I wanted to up the ante. I set my goal earlier this year at 2 a month. You can see where I am currently here.

I really enjoyed my July line up so I thought I'd share! I can't always read 4 books in one month (no idea how people with small children read tons of books), but with our more relaxed schedule I was able to!

I fell in love with Karen's books the summer after I had Luke. He slept a lot and I had a god bit of free time and our church had a library full of her books. I ended up reading 17 that summer alone (!!). Since then I have followed her new releases and this is the latest book in the Baxter series. It was just as good as I expected and I can't wait to grab her book coming out in November. Also I have slowly started purchasing the compete series on Ebay (and when I see them at Goodwill) and have begun rereading!

2. A Fierce Love

I am in an online book club and this was the July book that was chosen. I'll be 100% honest and say that I was slightly turned away by the concept of the book. Who wants to read a fairly deep, spiritually heavy book in the summer? BUT I WAS SO WRONG. This story is Shauna's personal story about how her marriage was almost torn apart by an affair and it is real and raw and I ended up really enjoying this book! If anyone thinks this could never happen to them, I would HIGHLY encourage you to think again.

3. Better Than Before (the Amazon cover is different than the book I read but I checked the table of contents and it's the same book).

I learned so much about myself while reading this book! There are a few really great concepts in this book. It took me a while to get through it because it's just a lot of information, but I see some of my personal quirks as I read this. I had read like half the book and felt that I would have been fine putting it down because I feel like it circles back and covers topics again. Not the most thrilling read, but definitely helped me figure out why habits are so hard for me (hello procrastination!). If I had to rate it, I would say this was my LEAST favorite book this month, just because I really had to focus when I was reading and it took me the longest time to complete.

4. Chase the Lion

This book is amazing. Hands down. I read Circe Maker by this same author so I knew I liked his style of writing.  He does talk about some of the same stories in this book as Circle Maker but he come from a different angle. Also In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day is the book he wrote first, so this book is sort of the second in the "series" but you can read it as a stand alone. But I felt very encouraged to chase my dreams and especially as I began to feel weary from summer it was a great reminder to keep pushing.

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