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I have felt SO WEARY this week. I really pushed myself in my business and personal goals at the end of July, so I am having a hard time recovering and being motivated this month so far. Knowing that summer is ending is so so so sad. But...

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! The older I get the more I realize how special birthdays are and how often we take them for granted. Not just mine, but my husband, kids, parents. A few friends have battled cancer and lost loved ones and it's a gentle reminder that we are never promised another!

So today I'll enjoy turning 31. 

We sold one of our houses (we owned 3 houses for 3 months 😂). My IRL friends are probably so sick of hearing me talk about it but SERIOUSLY this has been 4 years coming. I feel like some people effortlessly sell houses-- they cross the proverbial finish line, renewed and with energy remaining. We on the other hand just finished a marathon, bleeding out as we crossed the finish line. But WE FINISHED. Glory.
Long story short we bought this a year before the recession. We refinanced at the depths of the recession and moved 6 months later. We had to hold on to it because of how we refinanced so we rented it for 4 years. Renting is never ideal when you live 2+ hours away and it just became a burden.  We were under contract 3 times, 2 of those obviously didn't work. It was exhausting and an emotional roller coaster that I am so glad is behind us. I wrote a sweet post here about what this house means to us and truly how I will remember it.

Last weekend we got to see my college roommate and her sweet family! We had lunch, got to catch up, and let our kids see each other. They live an ocean away so it's always so wonderful to see them!

I enjoyed every second of making these sweet teacher shirts. I can't wait to offer them next summer in my shop!

I made sheet pan nachos twice this week (because the first time they were SO GOOD). Link to my Pinterest cooking board is HERE and a link to the actual recipe HERE.

Younique released their brand new one step mascara to the public this week! I haven't gotten my hands on it (the singles sold out in 30 minutes!!), but I WILL. Can't wait to try it! ONE STEP. They also released a lash serum that I also can't wait to try.

We are heading to the beach this weekend to see family! While public schools went back earlier this week we don't go back until next Tuesday. So many happy and sad feelings about this situation!

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