Exterior To Do List

Our house is going to slowly become ours as we work on things that desperately need to be done! Thankfully the house itself if in great shape-- it just hasn't been updated since 1998. 

I actually love the black shutters, neutral siding, and the overall architectural style of our home (hello-- that's why we spent a lot of money on it). Although compared to the area/neighborhood we feel like we stole this house (price per sq.ft.). 

I thought it would be fun to keep a master list of things we'd like to update as we go. We spend nearly every weekend in the yard doing SOMETHING, so I can't wait to show you how it evolves. By the way this photo was taken before it even became ours last April. Also I will link back to this post as we accomplish items on our list.

- Replace exterior lights with something bigger.
- Paint garage doors the color of the siding (Sherwin Williams: Perfect Greige)
- Add carriage hardware to garage doors
- Remove bush on far left and plant a new bush there and to the right of garage.
- New front door.
- Paint new front door.
- Remove blinds from foyer window (above front door).
- Trim tree limbs.
- Sod.

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