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I love rounding out the week and ending with my favorites. Like I said when I came back to blogging last week-- I'm not setting rules for the blog. So some months I may post every Friday, and other months I may not get it in every week and I'm ok with that! So here are a few things on my mind currently!
DISNEY Lularoe!!! I absolutely love Lularoe leggings (I tried my first pair last winter) but I can't stomach the price for frequent purchases. But when they released the Disney line I had to get a pair! We are wanting to go on a Disney Cruise so I am just stockpiling ;)
This Redkin Beach Envy Volume Texturizing Shampoo and Conditioner is a HUGE winner in my book this summer! I have fine "flat" hair and this gives me a bit of boost and volume! The conditioner is really light (which I struggle to find a hydrating conditioner that doesn't leave my hair limp). Ulta has their huge bottles on sale right now (for the same price as their small bottles!!). They do occasionally run a 2/$24 on their small ones so if you want a small bottle wait for that sale!
My customers went NUTS over these vinyl name sheets this week! I sold over 50 (!!) of them on various sites that I sell on. They are perfect for back to school and labeling all the things! Clipboards, folders, notebooks, water bottles, etc.

I placed my first Amazon Fresh order yesterday! I don't know why I was hesitant but it was SO EASY and came exactly as promised. I met the lady who delivered it in the driveway (which I didn't HAVE to- I just happened to be home) and she was super sweet too! There is currently a $25 off/$100 order with a free month of this service. It's regularly $14.99/month. My first thought was to cancel after the first month... but-

lets talk about that for a minute. That is a little less than $4/week which for my time, hassle and gas is totally worth that price! I didn't find items to be crazy overpriced (more than my beloved Aldi of course) but no wait, no lines, no GERMS- Holla! I will definitely be taking advantage of this again- especially during busy weeks/months! I also still love Walmart grocery pickup and will continue to use this service as well. The only difference really is Walmart is free and you have to go pick it up and Amazon is delivered to your door. It takes me about 20 min each way to get to our Walmart that does this so unless I'm out and about it's not exactly convenient.
Everything came in 4 recyclable bags-- the only "waste" was about 10 ice packs they threw over my meat and dairy. I promptly posted those on our neighborhood yard sale (for free) and someone gladly took them off my hands!

I am LOVING Younique's detox mask currently. Maybe total TMI, but I had this huge zit under my eye (!?) and after 1 treatment (and sleeping with toothpaste on it)-- it was almost nearly gone! I need to mask every few days but in reality only use it about twice a month-- I need to work on me time a little better-- but I can always see such a difference in my skin the next day! Also- I don't coat it on my whole face. My whole face doesn't need detoxing! So I spot treat (and it makes it last longer!).

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