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While I was resting from blogging and life-- we bought a house!! I jumped back into the blogging life last week and I am so excited to share with you the first update we made to our new home.

I'm writing a post soon about all the details, but for now I wanted to show you a quick SIMPLE update that almost anyone can do (well- except me). Thank God for handy husbands!!

You can see how ITTY BITTY our exterior lights were. They were original to the house circa 1998. I literally can't believe they put that size lights on the outside of houses. Exterior lights are the earrings of the house and in my opinion the bigger the better!!

My parents gifted us the new lights as a house warming gift. Mom knew that it was something I really wanted to change pretty quickly. I actually purchased the lights before we closed on the house (!!!!). Home Depot was running a sale in April and I wanted to grab them while they were on sale. But now I forget what I got them for so sorry for that!

*side note- they have a few different sizes of this light and we got the biggest with 3 bulbs. 

In our neighborhood we have to get HOA approval for any exterior upgrade (lights, paint colors, bush removal and installation, etc.) so it took almost a month for us to submit everything to them and then another 2 weeks to get the approval. We submitted like 10 things at once so we could get started on the exterior.

We have had a bunch of limbs cut off the tree and we actually need to remove 4 more that are hanging down in this picture... but you get the idea. These new lights are about three times the size of the old lights top to bottom.

Josh installed them quickly in an evening while I was out of town and sent me the after pictures! He said that if you can install an overhead light fixture, you can install these!

We obviously still have a TON of work to do (cough grass cough). We bought this house knowing that it would need work and we have gladly accepted the challenge. I think the hardest part for us is wanting to get everything done NOW and knowing that it's just not going to happen that quickly. But that is OK! We will slowly chip away at our list!

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