2017: resolve to rest

2017 is my year of rest, and I am so excited about this! I mentioned here that I have actually already been resting for the past few months, so this is just a continuation of that mindset. I did still set some goals and resolutions, because I am just a goals oriented person. I love the challenge of a good goal. Here is my list:

1. Be on time- early even. I am so tired of being late and rushing around and just feeling stressed about getting places on time. I am a procrastinator by nature so this is just something that I struggle with. I am trying to build in margin to my deadlines and days. Instead of finishing Etsy orders the day they are suppose to ship, I am aiming to finish early. Instead of rolling into the parking lot barely on time, I want to be 5 minutes early. Many times this is dependent on my children so building that margin into my mornings is critical.

2. Read two books a month. I challenged myself with one a month last year and I destroyed that goal. So I am upping the ante this year. Click here to see this year's reading list.

3. Self-care- again. This is so so important. I am going to continue my laser treatments (obviously-- it's mostly paid for). Also more baths, skin care (yay Younique products!), and mani/pedis. I'd LOVE to stop biting my nails, but that's a stretch.

4. Debt paid! I shared here that from April 2016-Feb 2017 we will have paid off nearly $10k in debt (my van included). We hope to have another $4k paid by June. This is a big deal since we live nearly on one income and currently own 2 houses and have 2 car payments. We like setting big goals. We also want to start saving for a cruise-- which if we're being honest is my incentive ;)

5. I'd like to make double machine payments on my embroidery machine 6 times this year. That will shorten the length of my loan by half a year. It's 0% interest, so not 100% necessary, but would make me feel fantastic!

There you have it! I like sticking to a short list of more manageable goals. And I proved to myself last year that even short lists don't all get accomplished (and THAT'S OK!).

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