2016 Goals

how'd they go?

Here is the short list of what I wanted to do:

1. Lose weight
2. Self-care
3. Simplify
4. Read 12 books
5. Be Brave

1. I have struggled so terribly with the numbers on the scale. But I am doing nothing about it exercise wise. I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt that 2016 was filled with stress and while I feel a healthy as I've ever felt on the inside (and I am sleeping better than I've slept in YEARS), the scale hasn't budged. And I'm ok with that. Ideally I would love to lose 10lbs.

2. Self-care. I didn't get as many pedicures as I would have liked- and I didn't take near enough baths as I should have, BUT I have put myself first many many times! I have consciously made appointments NOT on my off days- because I crave that off time so bad. I started Laser Hair Removal and I am excited about completing 6 rounds in 2017 (1 down, 5 to go). Let me tell you it is NOT easy to go and tell/show a complete stranger the thing you are most self conscious about, but it was SO ABSOLUTELY redeeming to do this and I feel like I conquered this fear.

3. Simplify. I definitely could have done more. I did great for the first half of the year (eBay, Facebook, etc.) and really slacked when things got stressful. I have a few painting projects I need to complete and a whole bin of things to sell on eBay still.

4. Read 12 books. You can see my completed list HERE. While I didn't actually read a book every month, I DID infact read over 12 books this year-- seventeen to be exact! That's pretty great for me!

5. Be Brave. I wrote a REALLY long post HERE about this one. What's hilarious is I said in my original post that this goal wasn't measurable but it ended up being the one that I connected to most. Amazing how that happens!

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