Our Shared Kid's Room: Inspiration

We recently decided to let our kids share a bedroom. We knew there would only be a window of a few years that this would be feasible and definitely know this set up isn't for everyone. But for us at this point in our lives, it has been 1000% the right decision.

How do I know? I had a three year old that DIDN'T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. Bless. Which means she had parents that FOR THREE YEARS didn't sleep through the night. Bless.

The kids have been begging for about six months to sleep in the same room. We did a few trial runs when we went on vacation or over long weekends letting them "camp out" in each others' rooms. And it actually went well! It's almost like they need to know each other is there to fall asleep and it's comforting to wake up in the night and know your brother/sister is there even if they aren't awake. I'm fairly confident that she still wakes, but for the first time she is actually training herself to fall back asleep. WIN!

The only problem is swallowing my blood sweat and tears that went into finishing both of their individual rooms. *lots of tears shed*. You can see Emmie's finished room here and Luke's here.

Logistically the kid's are sleeping in Luke's room. It's bigger, has a full walk in closet (with a light) that they use to change in. We call this their "sleeping" room and there are no toys in here except for books and stuffed animals. All their toys were moved in Emmie's old room which we are calling the playroom. My only rule about the playroom is that I have to be able to close the door. ;)

Luke had asked for a shark room a few months ago so I have been collecting shark decor to overhaul it a bit. Emmie wanted a mermaid room. So I figured we'd combine those 2 ideas into 1 "sea" room that had elements that both kids would like. Here are my ideas!

We have already decided on painting the walls a pretty taupe neutral. We have selected (and purchased!) Behr's Sculptor Clay.

We would slowly love to repaint our house and wanted to select a color that would work around the whole house (to make touchups a breeze). We want to try it in a room before starting an 18foot foyer ;) So this is the room! I'd also like to bring in some boy/girl accent colors: 

I have already purchased the wood and paint for this board and batten technique on one wall. Read about how I snagged our supplies FOR FREE here

In front of the board and batten I would like to position their beds like this: 
We have an IKEA dresser similar to the one pictured that we'd like to use between their beds to do double duty as a dresser and nightstand. I'm honestly not even 100% sure that their beds will fit like this? But We will try!

We don't currently have matching beds and we are trying to decide what we should do. Bunk beds would be the best use of space, but we aren't sure we want to drop $ on bunk beds when we have perfectly good beds already. We kept the kid's crib and we originally planned to turn it into a full sized bed for Luke and to give Emmie his twin. She's not quite ready to be out of a toddler bed yet. So this area is a big question mark currently. Which is OK!

All that to say here were the ideas I was planning to include in his shark room: 

And the mermaid things I love!

I would love to work with the light blocking curtains we already have and maybe add polka dots to them or a tulle mermaid inspired tail to the end. We'll see!

I want to find mermaid sheets or something cutesy to go on her bed. She doesn't even have real bedding yet because she just gave up the crib when she turned 3. We'll probably grab something for the winter.

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