September Goals- how'd it go?

It is hard to believe that's it's already October! Absolutely crazy.

I set some specific goals at the end of August when I was feeling like I had hit a rut. I missed blogging terribly and I needed a booty kick to get back in gear.

Here were my goals:
1. Paint our bathroom vanity and nightstands. This has been on my list FOREVER and I want to knock this project out and enjoy my work!
2. Decorate for fall. I love this season and I want it up ASAP. I also want to decorate for Christmas this year the first week of November so this will give me plenty of time to enjoy both seasons.
3. Meet my income goals for my shop. Without being too detailed my goal is to double what I currently put in.
4. READ! I love reading. I would love to read 2 books this month (1 fiction and 1 nonfiction). Curious what's on my wishlist? Go here. I am doing a book study on Uninvited so that one will definitely be read.
5. Blog once a week. There, I said it.

And here is how I did. 
1. I finished our vanity! I did NOT finish our nightstands. But I am super proud of the vanity and am happy with how it turned out. I will post about it soon!

2. I definitely got our fall game on early! I was hoping the weather would follow through but it still feels like SUMMER. 
3. Meet my income goals (doubling what I put in). I did well this month! I was thrilled to be able to pay my credit card 20 days early this month. I use a credit card to build sky miles and pay it off every month. I can usually tell how I'm doing by how close to the deadline I am paying my card. And I doubled my income! So yay for goals!

4. Read! I did this well. Well actually I stumbled upon a free Audible trial and used it to listen to 3 books this month! I read Present Over Perfect, Bittersweet, and Goodbye Survival Mode; all of which are in my book tab at the top of the blog ^. I did not read any fiction, but I felt like I made HUGE strides on goal setting, healing, and self-care. I highly recommend each of these 3 books! I'm currently listening to "Looking For Lovely" by Annie Downs currently. I am also in an Uninvited Bible Study so I am about halfway through that, and Josh and I are slowly going through the book The Year Without a Purchase.

5. Blog once a week. I felt like I stuck to this week. I post dated 1 post (our farmhouse table one), but I felt that it fit better not back to back to my other posts this month. Overall I am pleased! I am going to post soon about my October goals, so stay tuned for that! 

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