Our Custom Built Farmhouse Table

Over two years ago we decided to have a farmhouse table custom built. At the time we had only a 4 person round table (which after having 2 kids we completely outgrew). Especially when we had people over. 
Coincidentally we had our little table when we had dinner guests and the husband was like "Hey I build tables!" And I was like "build me one!" We took measurements that night and made little design decisions along the way (like a dark stained top, and how I wanted the legs to look).

I love this rustic chic look. It works perfectly in our eat-in kitchen and would work equally wonderfully in a formal dining room #someday.

We added curtains finally after living here for 2.5 years! It amazed me how simple texture adds SO much! And maybe someday we'll swap out that light...
At the same time the table was made, we had 2 benches made. The bench pictured was made from a headboard and the second bench (without a back- not pictured) is now being used as a place where we put on/take off shoes in the basement. It was slightly awkward when we had more than 4 adults at the table to put everyone on a bench. And now that our kids are older, they eat at the island when we have guests. So we are currently saving to grab 3 more tufted upholstered chairs :)

It definitely looks bare without anything. We actually push a highchair up to this area on normal days since Emmie still eats better here.
But the back of this bench just gives me all the heart eyes! (crusted on food, chipped paint and all).
I love sharing little parts of our home. And I have been wanting SO BAD to document this for such a long time! Locals, I will be more than happy to pass along the name of the person who built it!

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