Fall Home Tour 2016

I am SO READY for cooler weather. I am trying really hard to not constantly be looking for the next thing and to try to savor the moment, but oh.my.gosh how many days has it been over 90 degrees?

Also I took all these photos with my iPhone. And I didn't watermark them. Because it's my season of rest. I didn't want to bust out the big camera, nor did I want to edit. So take that unnecessary pressure and overachieverness.

I bring out our fall stuff usually on the Labor Day weekend. This year I put it out a little early because I am just that ready. I have been adding things here and there and really focused on our coffee station this year!


I love this little slice of our home. Josh built the coffee bar out of 2 dining room table leafs (leaves?- that seemed weird) and pallet wood. We are major coffee drinkers. He built it to perfectly fit a few baskets we had on hand and to fit the espresso maker in a basket down below. We painted it with chalk paint and it fits perfectly with the rest of our home. This entire bar is located directly to the right of our fridge.

One Saturday I was cleaning up and I hear him in the garage sawing and working on a project and he comes up with THIS. Shelf. It was PERFECT to fill the space because we had so many bottles and bags taking up counter space. 
#pompomsforevea I also have white ones for winter! :)

I don't think I have ever gushed about our farmhouse dining table but I love that this shot captured the not seen very often back of the bench (that used to be a headboard). I'll post about that someday! 
I am not a real big spooky Halloween decorator and much prefer to keep it happy, orange and black. 
I fell HARD for these navy/white buffalo plaid tea towels. Buffalo checks is where it's at this winter. I plan to monogram these for a customer, but I am looking hard for more to give more people a chance to snag them!

Turning around to the living room I always have some sort of banner on the fire place. The kids voted bats over pumpkins. They win. 
And this corner has become SUCH a cozy spot after FINALLY hanging curtains earlier this summer and finding the perfect throw pillow. Also do you see Luke's version of Starry Night? Seriously it's the best. He was in KINDERGARTEN when he drew that. 
There is a weird light reflection from the house across the street, but whatever. I just love this wreath. I think it's the fifth year it has been on our front door!
I surprised the kids and added lights this year. I snagged them at the end of the season last year for super cheap and they love them. Totally worth it. We don't have a real pumpkin yet, and the porch needs a good cleaning from the dry dusty summer. 
And the table is looking sad. I think I need some pillows on those chairs. I have pillows for every season but fall. Maybe black/white buffalo plaid!
I am loving our little fall home! 

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