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I absolutely love for things to be streamlined and put together. I also like things to not just look pretty,  but to function well. So when I have an idea to rework a system in our home, you can pretty much bet I'll jump quickly.

I absolutely hate cleaning. You probably picked this up from my tidying post. Since I like to see a good before and after, I typically wait until there is a good layer of dust on things before dusting. Because it looks amazing when it's done! Whereas if you keep up with dusting you never get that complete before and after. #iknowsostupid

But this is something I'm trying to get better at. Fridays are usually our down day (no preschool for Em or I, work is relatively calm) and I try to get the house in order before the weekend arrives so we don't spend the whole weekend cleaning. Also we suspect that Emberly has asthma, so I am really trying to dust, vacuum, and keep linens clean as much as I possibly can.

I was reading a post over at IHeartOrganzing, because I need a little kick of inspiration every now and then. I love her cleaning posts because she strives so hard to be green and use minimal chemicals. Also she's a rock star at all things organizing. One cleaning post got me thinking and analyzing our cleaning system and if how I am doing it could be done better. 

I pretty much have 2 zones. Upstairs supplies upstairs, and downstairs supplies downstairs. There is no point to keep shower cleaner downstairs since we don't have a shower down here. Likewise there's no point is keeping floor cleaner upstairs since it's all carpeted (except for tile in the bathrooms). 

As I was thinking through my cleaning system I jotted down a few notes about what I actually clean (or need to clean). Here was my list: 

Downstairs- wood furniture, blinds, baseboards, wood floors, windows, half bath (mirror, toilet, sink). I keep stainless steel cleaner and granite cleaner in the kitchen so that wasn't necessary to include in my "downstairs" cleaning bucket. 

Upstairs: showers, sinks, toilets, windows, wood furniture, baking soda (mattresses, carpets, toilets), blinds, baseboards, carpet cleaner. 

I haven't finalized my upstairs cleaning bucket, but I tackled the downstairs bucket for this post. I realized that I had a TON of supplies that weren't really necessary. 

Most items had a hard time fitting and I realized that some items I'm using I don't even like. I came to the realization that I don't even like dusting spray and I much prefer to use the swiffer dry dusters on the wand. I plan to phase out my dusting spray and incorporate wood polish to really clean my wood. Also I had a few other items that have just collected with coupons and what not- that pump bathroom cleaner being one of them #butitwasprobablyfree. Also I really try hard not to have lysol wipes in the house, BUT seriously when kids are sick I am really thankful for lysol and clorox. Amen? 

One thing I realized I wanted was to decant certain items and put them in matching bottles. I really liked the idea of amber glass bottles, but I didn't love the price (but they are still an awesome option if you are looking). I was on pinterest one day and came across these amazing squirt bottles from Ikea (Tomat). They are so skinny and perfect to store in a cleaning bucket, and they look more streamlined that those you get at the dollar store. And they were still only 99cents! Just for fun I looked them up on Amazon and they are EIGHT DOLLARS. WHY?

This is where I get a little obsessive and a lot lucky. I purchased new cleaning rags a few months ago and I am trying to keep them separate from other rags in the house and from each other. 
The green rag is specifically for glass- therefore I wanted a bottle labeled with green for the glass spray. Blue rags are all purpose cleaning rags (counters, toilet, etc.)- so it matches the blue bottle, orange rags are for dusting and polishing wood, and then I love the idea of adding essential oils to water and using that as a room spray- so that's my clear bottle. It JUST SO HAPPENED that Ikea had the exact colors I was looking for! This would still totally work on all clear bottles just with different colored labels! 
{you can snag your own labels HERE}

I also found that when I add blue windex to the green bottle it makes the bottle look blue- so I may be grabbing clear windex next time ;) But you get the idea. I hope to transition 90% of my cleaners to green cleaners that I make which will most likely be clear anyways. 
I love that after streamlining everything, that it ALL fits in my bucket! I seriously love only having and purchasing items that I love and actually use! Why have 4 different types of floor cleaner when you only really grab 1 certain one? Why have a bunch of disinfectant sprays? Not only does this make cleaning easier because I just grab one bucket, but it does my heart good seeing it organized. 

**Also just as a side note, I wash my floor mop pads, blue, and green cloths together (separate from our clothes wash) and dry without fabric softener sheets. I wash my orange rags totally separate and dry the same way. I try to keep them in the laundry room until I have 3-4 saved up and then I wash together. I have an HE washer so it only uses enough water to wash the load.

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