This Year So Far...

YOU GUYS. I already feel behind on goals, and life, and everything else. CanIgetanamen?

My goal was to update at the end of January with how I am doing on my my goals. I figured if I put it out on the internet, it would keep me more accountable. Unless I just forget to update, and then, well #failure. So now it's March.

1. Lose Weight. I'm happy to report that I am 7lbs lighter than when I clicked publish on January 1st. I lost 3lbs pretty quickly, and then started Plexus at the end of January. Josh and I have both been really impressed with these products (he is doing it with me). I am not selling, so I am "just a customer", and it along with "barely" watching what I am eating/upping my water intake has taken off the other 4. I have also tried to cut eating out SIGNIFICANTLY. I would LOVE to be down 10lbs at the end of March.

2. Ugh. I could do SUCH a better job at taking care of myself. I have taken ONE bubble bath. #stoptakingcareofeveryoneelse

3. We have cleared out ALOT (and I just took a load to consignment Sunday), but I'll be honest, I haven't been keeping up with this line by line ($100 a month). If I could estimate we probably sold $75 worth of junk in January and maybe $100 in February. It's been an even split between Facebook yard sales, Facebook pages, and Ebay.

4. I have done a pretty great job at reading, but the first book I chose was OVER FOUR HUNDRED PAGES. Which I LOVED the book (Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury), but I would have totally killed this goal (in a good way) if it was a 200pg. book. This was a fun, didn't have to think too hard, Novel. I'm now 3 chapters from finishing my February book (Eat that Frog!, Brian Tracy).  This book is PERFECT for procrastinators like me. I have learned so much. When I started reading it, my plan was to keep it in pretty good shape to resell on eBay. WELLLLL it's underlined and highlighted and pages are turned down. It's one I'll go back to many times! I haven't decided on my next book (. There are SO MANY I want to read.

5. Be Brave. So, while I thought this would be the "unmeasurable" goal, I actually have found myself coming back to this frequently. I have faced two situations (both totally unrelated) this year.

First was with my little shop. I finally worked up the nerve to purchase my dream machine! It's a 6 needle BEAST and I am in absolute love. This was a huge step of courage since I was knee deep in orders and had to learn a brand new machine/figure out what the heck I was doing and still keep up my turnaround time/business. It helped that the brand was the same as my other 2 machines, but it was still a huge step since it costs the same as a small car. HUGE investment for this little business!

Next, I stepped down as the Elementary Director at our church. This was so.hard. It's hard to admit that something no longer is working, but the stress level (mostly that I put on myself) was through the roof. I hit a wall, and couldn't recover. And while I have been praying about this decision for weeks, God is still so faithful in providing in ways I couldn't even see. Part of the reason I struggled SO BAD was "losing" the awesome connection I have with so many at our church. Working there is SO uplifting and I was fearful of losing that. When I stepped down, I had NO idea that God would have other plans. Which included me staying on staff!

I have taken on the Communication Director role for LifeBridge, effective 3 weeks ago. See the crazy thing is that God knows what we need just when we need it, before we're even able to ask. It's hard to admit that work is too hard, or that things are overwhelming. But I feel like He knew exactly what I needed, and I am so thankful! I'm excited about this new role!

Phew! So while I haven't felt all that productive this year, it's been a great start!

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