Boxed: my new BFF

I have always been a huge believer in saving money and shopping smart. When we lived 45 minutes from civilization I would make the drive once a month to save on diapers and formula (I'd hit all my favorite stores). Not only did I save a TON, but it was my way to get out of the house and have some "me" time.

My methods and routines have changed over the years. I still get coupons but I haven't clipped one in months. Gasp. For me there just aren't enough hours in the day. I do still shop sales. I typically won't buy something unless it's on sale, and when it is on sale I will stock up. I tend to lean toward the store brand in most things to save a little more. Store sales, combined with store brands amount to pretty big savings. But I still found that it was hard to keep up. Between buying bulk at Costco, pantry staples at Aldi, and the week to week items at Target, I was becoming exhausted. Maybe I'm just dramatic. And keeping up with receipts and the budget. OYYY. 

But I thought THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY. In our amazing world of the Internet, and fast shipping, SURELY there has to be a better way. 

Let me introduce you to Boxed.

My life has been changed. I have waited to post about Boxed so that I could get a few orders under my belt. I figure anyone can try anything once, but it really has to knock your socks off to come back time and time again. Keep reading for a promo code to save you some Benjamins!

Boxed is pretty much an online grocery store that sells mainly in wholesale/bulk {think Costco and Sams} but DELIVERED to your door. There are no refrigerated items but items include pantry items, cleaning supplies, drinks, home/office, pets, baby stuff and toiletries. Our box arrives THE NEXT DAY, but I'm not sure if shipping is that great everywhere.
Now with any store you will do best to know your prices and research before purchasing, but lucky for you, I have already done that! I went back through my order history to find items to compare. I am doing my comparison to Target. And please hear me out. I STILL LOVE TARGET AND SHOP THERE ALMOST WEEKLY. But we all know that random crap jumps in our Target carts. Things I can't live without but never knew I needed. ;) 

I'm sure you are thinking "yes dear, but you MUST be paying a premium for that!" NOPE. No yearly or monthly membership fees and free shipping at $50. You all know how easy it is to spend $50 at Sams or Costco. Surely the prices per item are more expensive, right? Wrong.

These are items that are simply better priced or are easier to have shipped to the house. Because, why not? 

Barilla Oven Ready Lasagna: aint nobody got time for the boil kind.
Boxed: 3 x 9oz boxes= $5.19
Target: 1 x 9oz box= $2.09 x 3= $6.27
$1.08 in savings. 

5 Gum: this is the only gum my husband will chew.
Boxed: $11.39 12/pk. = $0.94 each
Target: $2.70 3/pk. = $0.93 each
This was on sale at Target this week making it a better price BUT not on sale it is $0.99 cents a pack. For me it's easier to have this shipped than to worry about running out. 

Clif Bars: 

Boxed: $18.99  $16.14 (sale!) 24/pk. 
Target: $9.99 12/pk. x 2= $19.98
$3.84 in savings. 

Organic Applesauce: 
Boxed: $11.99 36/pk. = $0.33 each
Target: $1.99 6/pk. = $0.33 each But this is NOT the organic brand. The Simply Balanced brand came to $0.82 cents a pack. 

Graham Crackers: 
Boxed: 4 x 14.4oz= $9.99
Target: 1 x 14.4oz= $2.99
$1.97 in savings OR that's like having to find, clip, keep up with and use 4- $0.50 coupons.  

That's just a few items I have ordered in the past. Of course like anywhere you shop it pays to know your prices. But for me, the time savings pays off. I also get 5% off every purchase at Target with my Red Card, but even if I am paying the same amount or a teensy bit more, IT'S DELIVERED TO MY DOOR with Boxed. No tiny humans to cart through the store. Do your tiny humans lick the cart? Or beg for the most sugary unhealthy crap in the store? Or scream JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT TO? No? Just my kids?
{my quality control manager ;)}

When you download their app, you can easily navigate all the categories- but don't miss their SALE section! This section will list everything that is on sale currently. It's always fun to come across a well loved item on sale, but it's even easier when it's all in one place. From the home screen-> click featured at the top of the app->scroll all the way to the bottom.
Also their customer service is PHENOMENAL. They were running a free toilet paper promo and I forgot to add the free item to my cart before checkout. I contacted them on IG, gave them my order number and my order was on my porch THE NEXT DAY with my free TP. #highfive

While this door delivery doesn't cut out my trips completely, it does lessen the time I am in the store. Plus I can actually focus on prices and make sure I am getting a good price. I think that's the part about shopping with kids that drives me crazy is being distracted every 2 seconds.

Is there a yearly/monthly cost? No! There is a $25 minimum and at $50 you get free shipping.

Are all pantry items included here unhealthy? I have been SUPER impressed by Boxed's commitment to quality products. Many products are organic and they have a huge variety of healthy food. Some is non-GMO. There are even gluten free choices!

Do I have to subscribe? NO! You can order one box and be done forever. Or you can purchase once a month, twice a month, or weekly!

I'm sold! Are there any coupon codes to save even more? YES! Use my code: Z42FG at checkout to save $10 off your first order! Also follow them on Instagram to keep up with their promotions. They sometimes run % off (10% off $100, etc.) which is basically money in your pocket.

I have also fallen in love with Amazon's Subscribe and Save. I will do another post about that soon. We were Amazon members for YEARS before utilizing this service and I truly regret that. Stay posted for a recap of my experience! Here is the awaited Amazon Post! 

Disclosure: Boxed did not ask me to write this post. This post is written completely from personal experience. For every order that is placed using my code I receive compensation toward my next Boxed order. I help you and you help me. Win win :)

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