Recapping 2015!

Hello sweet friends! It has been A LONG TIME! We are all still alive and well and happy and healthy. Could I ask for anything else?

I thought it would be fun to look at my goals for 2015 and update how we did. So often we set goals and by the middle of January they have totally fallen by the wayside.

Here was my 2015 post with my goals.

Let's just say I failed miserably in some ways, but really succeeded in others! Isn't that the fun of it? While I wish I could meet all my goals all the time, a year is a long time and I feel content with what I/we accomplished.

1. We set out to rework our budget. Josh is SO GOOD with our budget, and we went over our categories and reworked our spending. I read Dave Ramsey's book and realized that we practically already do what he suggests. If something wasn't working, we changed it.

I LOVE the blog Living Well, Spending Less. If you don't follow her on Instagram, you should. I purchased her book at the beginning of last year and I really enjoy what she says! She is down to earth, has struggled, still struggles, but has great advice. And she loves Target and Starbucks. We also followed along with her Living Well Spending Zero in October. She updates IG with details of different challenges and it's super fun.

2. Meal Plan. I actually have been doing GREAT in this area! I am planning weekly and usually make my plan Sunday afternoon and quickly run to the store to stock up on our needs. I TRY to only shop once a week. Life is just too busy to go any more frequently. Some weeks I am better at meal planning, but overall I would say I did much better this year than last. I feel so much less stressed during the day when there is a plan for dinner. There are weeks that I wing it: i.e. didn't have time to make it to the store or those weird weeks where a lot is going on, and I feel much more pressure those weeks.

3. Sell stuff. Boy oh boy did we do this! If we didn't use it, we sold it. My goal put us saving right at $1,000. At the last count we are at $700, BUT we use this money to pay for babysitters, goodwill trips, and Emberly's speech and physical therapy. So it is kind of a revolving door. I'll occasionally find a dresser or desk at goodwill for cheap and I'll flip it and sell it locally, so I use the cash for that then replenish the cash with what I made on it. We have 2 more projects in the basement in progress. I figured it took a significant load off of paying babysitters since it came from here and not the ATM. After saving $200, we'd deposit it and continue on. I LOVE this system and it will definitely continue this next year. More on that later.

4. Blog more. You guysssss. I was literally shocked after not touching the blog for 4 months to see the page views. I was expecting a big fat goose egg. I seriously didn't even want to look. But I did and I hate that I am such a slacker and procrastinator and haven't written in so long because you are STILL THERE. Thank you! Life just got so busy. I have blogged twice since I started teaching preschool. My mind and body are just exhausted from teaching, running from drop off line to the bus stop, running my Etsy shop, selling Younique, and working part time at our church. I love everything but it just makes life so crazy. BUT in these few months that I've taken to reflect, I have decided that I MISS blogging. And that while I may never be posting 4xs a week, I need to post minimum once a week. MINIMUM. For my mental health. I love it!

5. Organize and declutter. I'll be honest. I haven't even looked at the pages I printed last new years, nor have I set up an official system. BUT I do feel like I have become a more organized person in some ways. For some crazy reason things that have never bothered me (having a sink full of dirty dishes) DRIVES ME CRAZY NOW. I have even managed to make the bed a majority of the week. Laundry is still the thorn in my side. I just can't get it together. I've tried the 1 day a week method, the 3 day a week method, and then 2 week method. lol. Nothing helps. I just procrastinate. But as far as closets and drawers, and stuff- this has been a good year. That new kitchen faucet doesn't hurt ;)

We had a rough start to 2015 with our dog dying and then my husband losing his job BUT as we sat around the Christmas tree Christmas morning we couldn't stop saying how this seemed to be the best Christmas yet. Not stuff wise. But our kids had such a good morning playing and just taking in the day. It was magical.

I'll see you next year! And I PROMISE to be a more frequent flier. Seriously.

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