Well that was an unexpected break... I'll spare you all the boring details and give you a post of "catch up" pictures instead. Our lives got a little crazy- medical issues and job situations took us on a little ride the past few months, but we are still here... breathing... barely ;) I have been super busy with Create Pretty (etsy and Facebook sales) and I am so thankful for this side gig that I have!

We got a cat! I know right? Our beloved lab, Sadie, died only 11 days into the new year. It was quite the shocker and we were all just really sad. We needed SOMETHING to care for, and Jubilee has lived up to her name. She has brought us all joy and we are so happy that she joined our family. We don't know much about her other than she's about 9 months old and was very sick back in February. All her recent vet bills gave her a clear bill of health and we are so grateful that the shelter took care of her before we could! Even when we adopted her they were so sad to see her go because she is such a sweetie.
Luke is THRIVING. He loves preschool, has learned how to read, and has been registered for Kindergarten. I got two huge thumbs up from his teacher saying he is more than ready and prepared for the big K (although I already knew that) ;) He will go to the Primary School here. Our district has 1 school for just K-1st grade and we are really excited for such a small tight knit atmosphere. 
Emberly continues to grow. She is HUGE and is definitely a toddler and no longer a baby- although she will always be my baby. She is saying WORDS. Partial sentences actually. I miss the baby years, yet look forward to every stage and communicating is definitely something I look forward to. It's nice that she can say "bowl" when she wants a snack or shakes her head yes or no when I ask her a question. 

Josh is dealing with an extraordinary amount of back pain. It's the worst watching him hurt all day every day. We met with a neurologist (this is after consulting with a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon and having a few outpatient procedures done by a pain specialist) last week who referred him to do a therapy called Vax-D at a neurochiropractor. His pain is not muscle pain, but nerve pain. We are really hoping for some relief. He hates doctors and taking medicine and that's all he's done for the last year. Prayers that this situation improves are coveted. 
No worries- there hasn't been a shortage of DIY projects around here! And I have been documenting to share on the blog shortly. Our master bedroom is the main focus currently and we are in the middle of painting an accent wall, the bathroom, nightstand overhaul, possibly the bathroom vanity and swapping out linens on the bed (eventually). I have it all together in my head, but have to carve the time and benjamins out to accomplish my goals! 
And a VERY little peek of some things I've been stitching! 

{I am crushing on this font BIG time!}

Other than that I am trying to find the time to blog. I love it and truly enjoy it and have genuinely missed it... so I'll be back- probably with a lighter than usual posting schedule but way heavier than the last month or so :) 

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