Kid's Clothing Inventory

I created a list about SIX months ago with things I wanted to accomplish. I was hoping to get to these like THAT MONTH. Well, sometimes things move slow around here. And while I would have loved to have this stuff done months ago, I'm just glad it's done. #canigetanamen 

Number 5 on the list was to accomplish 3 small projects. One of those was a hook system for Luke's closet. I'm happy to say that it has actually been up since the beginning of school. So while I've slacked in other areas, this has made our mornings SO EASY. 

I grabbed the dino hooks on deep discount at Hobby Lobby. The board was in a trash pile at one of the new homes being built in our neighborhood. I stained it with my favorite Minwax Deep Walnut* stain. 

Since he is quite the morning person, he enjoys getting up and getting himself ready. I love it that there won't be a fight over his outfit. 

So while we're on the topic of Luke's closet... 

I pulled out and organized both kid's clothes. All of them. Outgrown, too big and what actually fits. It was quite the job. I keep a pile in the bottom of their closets for outgrown clothes. Whenever we come across a shirt or pants that are too small I throw it in the pile. Every few months I'll load it all in a laundry basket, haul it downstairs and store them in tubs in the garage (prepping for consignment sales). 

And since I hit up consignment sales twice a year, I always look ahead for bigger clothes. I can't always find everything I need at the moment I need it, so I buy a few seasons ahead. 

Naturally, Luke's closet was pretty well organized. His closet is HUGE and boys clothes in general are easier to sort- pants, tops, swim, etc. 

Emberly's closet was a different story. I really had to work hard in here. Plus she is growing like a weed, so I have to go through her stuff more often. I literally took everything out of her closet and sorted in the hall. 

I created distinct piles- consignment, giveaway, keep, and then I took the stuff that was leaving away pretty quickly (so it didn't get confused with what was staying). 
I had been collecting bins from around the house for a few weeks so I used them to begin the sort. I wanted all the bins to be clear (so I could see what was in them) and I wanted them to be color coded (pink- girl, blue/white- boy). 
Next I created some super cute, easy to use labels for these bins. Here's the girl version: 
So after all the clothes were sorted I went through and labeled all of them with the contents that are inside. Emberly's closet is MUCH smaller, and would not be able to hold all her bins. Plus Luke is a solid sleeper so I can sneak in his closet, shut the door, turn on the light, and work while he's sleeping.

Since I have quite a few summer clothes for Emberly I ended up sorting them by "shorts-2T" in one bin, "outfits-2T" in another (that's usually a top with matching leggings or bottoms), "dresses-2T" in another, etc. Luke's were simple enough that one bin is 5T, another is 5/6. He is getting a little harder to shop for because he is developing preferences. He wants "cool" shirts. I can't tell you how excited I will be to get UNIFORMS next year. Amen?
 Here's a backed up shot of the whole space. He insisted on the solar system poster ;)
There was one HUGE bin that I used to house Em's 3T, 4T, and 5T clothes. I chose to combine them all in one bin because I can separate them later. I like that I can easily see what's in here with these inventory labels. I know exactly how many dresses, etc. that she has so when I go to consignment sales I can be on the look out for what we NEED.
And a close up of the girl label: 
And since you lasted through this post that was crammed full of pictures and words you can grab you own inventory sheets HERE!! They won't always be free since I'll be adding them to my Etsy shop eventually.
{grab yours here!} 

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