Isacord Thread {a few of my favorites}

I religiously use Isacord thread in my machine. I'm a huge believer that your finished product will only be as good as the product used. I've used many brands of thread in my day and Isacord is amazing.
It gives off that shiny sheen that I love, while being durable and just perfect. I was a fan of Sulky for a while. But Sulky is hard to come by and I just wasn't able to get it as easily as I could the Isacord brand.

For those who are into embroidery/applique- you really have 3 options for thread. Polyester, Rayon and Bobbin Thread. All those types come in different weights, so you have to be careful as you shop!

Embroidery thread is typically 40wt, while my machine required a 90wt. bobbin thread. I purchase pre-wound bobbins at MJ Sewing Supply. About a year ago I set out to find a place that sold 90wt. bobbin thread and had a very difficult time. MJ was the only place I could find it (and order a bunch at once).

For a while I was sold on Rayon thread. If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever go back to Polyester I probably would have said "no". But after having some Sulky red bleed on a shirt (and realizing it wasn't the fabric but the thread)- I quickly changed my mind.

The saying with polyester is poly=melty, so you have to be careful when you use an iron over the thread but I so far haven't had an issue ironing my final designs!

Right now I purchase Polyester Isacord thread from Discount Embroidery Supply. It has a minimum purchase of $25 with free shipping so I can usually grab 7 or 8 spools at a time. If you head over to their website the first thing you will notice is that their thread is labeled by number. Which is super confusing the first time you see it. Also the color pictured next to the number is not always exact.

Therefore, I HIGHLY recommend ordering a thread chart.
A thread chart has samples of EVERY color that a certain brand has. Thread charts usually (and should) have REAL thread as the example so you can see exactly what you are getting. I grabbed my thread chart from MJ Sewing Supply. It was $13 with free shipping. The best part is that you can put the fabric you are trying to match RIGHT next to the sample to choose your color!
I always put a dot next to the color I order that way I can easily reorder (or know what NOT to reorder!).
If you think there's such a thing as "red" you are greatly mistaken. There are multiple reds, and blues and pinks, oh my! Honestly there are almost too many choices to choose from! I took note of some of my favorite fabrics (and ones that I went to pretty regularly) and ordered thread that I felt matched the best. While I have found some favorites, I've also found some that I won't reorder.

When I was looking to start my "gourmet" thread collection, I turned to pinterest to find some favorites. And my search didn't yield many results. I hope this helps you as you navigate the thread world! These are my go-to colors and I typically order 2 spools at a time, just so I'm not caught without them.

1. Red-1904
2. Hot Pink- 2220
3. Lime-5830
4. Aqua- 4220
5. Navy-3353

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