High Five for Friday!

I can't believe February is practically over. Heck I can't believe we are 2 months into this year! I will say that February has been a much better month for our family than January... maybe it's only up from here?

1. We got SNOW! That's a pretty rare event in Georgia. Like a once a year {maybe} event. Luke has been asking for snow since last summer so I'm glad he finally got his wish. Although it was a WET snow, so we didn't do much playing. The night it was snowing it was simultaneously sleeting (yuck) and then next morning (after it sleeted all night) it was mainly sludge. 

But it was beautiful none the less. Here is my "time lapse". 

We ended up getting about 2 inches. We were literally on the snow/sleet/rain line and we really thought we'd end up getting more with how fast it was coming, but it slowly changed to rain overnight. Major bummer. I'm all "go big or go home". 
2. The kids loved it! Luke went right out to play and being cold and wet didn't seem to bother him. 

Em was perfectly content to watch it from the inside. I didn't even take her out in it. She was napping when it started and sleeping for the night when Luke went out.
 I don't think she would have loved it judging from her reaction last year. 
3. Since we were snowed in for 2 days we were able to get a lot done around here! I am almost ready to share my new office!
4. I don't have any sneak peeks but I FINISHED the kid's bathroom!!! Yay! I only started it SIX months ago. That seem to be my time table lately. Hello lime, navy and anchor goodness! It will be on the blog next week (along with a free printable!). 

5. I thought it would be fun to keep myself accountable and update my new years goals at the end of each month. I am doing well meal planning (out of necessity), I feel like I've kept my momentum up here on the blog, and I already admitted my failure with #5. But the biggest goal we are working towards is saving up money from selling things to create an emergency fund. We had a couple life events in 2013 (new baby, no job, new house) that depleted our savings. So we are working to slowly build it back. We aren't saving what we'd like to be saving (our income took a 45% hit when we decided I'd stay home), but it's been fun to challenge ourselves to this goal. 
We are doing the monthly goals and are JUST at the point where it's getting HARD! We are $20 away from our April goal (which will total at $250 in 2 months) but I am purposely working ahead because it doesn't peak until July! Phew! I am selling on eBay, Facebook, and at consignment sales. I am still waiting for my totals from the last sale that I did so I am excited about adding that to our total! So far we have sold a stroller, Luke's tux from a wedding last year, a few outfits/shoes, old cell phone cases, and just random stuff we come across that we don't need! I have been totally inspired by Living Well Spending Less, and I grabbed their book* back at the beginning of the year. I have enjoyed reading their ideas of saving and putting them into practice!

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