High Five for Friday!

I haven't done a high five post in nearly a month! It's crazy how fast time flies. We have literally just been doing the same old same old. Working, sleeping, eating, taking Luke to school, repeat.

Here are some highlights from the past 4 weeks:

1. Little man learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! I was REALLY worried because he's relied on training wheels for YEARS. We tried taking them off 6 months ago and he just wasn't ready. This time he was. I held his bike seat twice helping him balance and he was OFF! The hardest part was figuring out how to start/balance/peddle while starting again, but he quickly got the hang of it (and it helped that our driveway is lightly angled).

2. These kids... are just such a joy! Sure the days are long. But at the end of the day I love them more than life itself.

3. I figured this would be a great time to update our New Year goals! You can see that original post here. We are doing well with our emergency fund. We have met our January and February goals and are well into March. It gets harder every month, which means we have to get creative in the ways we are saving. I consigned a bunch of clothes and plan to put that money here and I have a few big ticket baby items I am trying to sell which should also help! It's amazing how quickly just a few $ adds up! I have done well with mostly every goal EXCEPT #5. Maybe I was too ambitious. I did GREAT until our dog died, and then life just stopped for a while. Then we went out of town. So I'm thinking 4/5 isn't too shabby. Now I'm wondering why I didn't put as a goal (spend 15 minutes a day in the sun) or something incredibly selfish/pampering/luxurious like that ;)

4. Monogramming is thriving. I feel like I'm behind on orders, but it's simply because I'm waiting for a shipment of blanks to arrive! I've tried to do what I can with what I have and get those orders knocked out while I wait. There's a sale going on at my Facebook page with summer dresses. Check it out because the sale ends tomorrow!

5. I'm gearing up for easter and then focusing on SUMMER! Yeah! I am totally dreaming of days spent by the pool. We had a spring snap this past weekend and it was 65 for 2 or 3 days. It was lovely. Now I feel like we are hibernating again with lows in the teens and a chance of snow on Monday.
I always say I'm a season ahead and it's SO TRUE. When kids are getting out of school and getting ready for summer I'll be planning back to school outfits and fall! Phew! It sure makes the time go fast!!

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