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It's a new year and I am excited about what's in store for Create Pretty! My etsy shop is up and rolling (even though I'd be super happy if I could get 50 items posted). That seems to be my sweet spot.

So far this year I've offered a few spring/summer dresses and I opened a sweatshirt order. Sweatshirts are set to ship THIS week and the spring/summer dresses have already shipped! Yay!
What's new now?

Hats! While not technically new, I am offering different colors from the choices last year! I also have a good bit of kids sized hats for "mommy and me" matching monograms! Check them out here.
I also posted this sweet racer back tank with a matching skirt and hairbow. This tank is something that I won't be able to get forever... but it coordinates so well with this skirt fabric! Grab it before it's gone (and it's totally unique to Facebook- meaning I don't sell this on etsy). You can find it on my wall if you scroll down a few posts.
I always struggle with what to offer for boys! It's so hard to find cute boutique quality boys clothes. Since I have a 5 year old I know the struggle. It was always so disheartening to walk in a store and see racks and racks of cute girls clothes and only see 1 or 2 racks for boy clothes. This order is open until the 28th. It is a preorder for summer clothes that will ship in early May. Cute huh?
As always, I offer baby shower gifts (burp cloths, baby blankets, bibs) year round along with seasonal shirts! And while it's hard to believe that it's almost Valentine's day, in the monogram world I've moved on to Easter and Summer designs!

I am always working a season ahead! The last chance to get Valentine's day shirts in is the end of January to guarantee V-day delivery!

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