this too shall pass...

I am so excited to share this project with you. I'm not sure what it is about this project that just made me happy, but I loved absolutely every step of this! 

For starters, I mentioned a while ago that there are houses being built in our neighborhood. At the end of every driveway is a handmade trash bin where the construction trash is thrown. We even talked to the builder one day when we went on a walk and he said that anything in those trash bins were trash (in other words, free for the taking). It isn't too often that we find a large piece of lumber in there but this was an exception. It was a pretty splintered board that was slightly warped. But it was perfect for my little project! 

I knew I needed this phrase in my house. My mom said (and still says) this to me all the time growing up. This project was done and hung days before our sweet Sadie went to dog heaven. And it's been a great reminder that the raw feelings we have will pass. 

And while  it's a great reminder that bad things in life are temporary, it's also a great reminder that the good times are fleeting too. The happy laughs, the togetherness, these sweet years... So I wanted to be reminded of it daily. 

I debated on the millions of ways I could accomplish this. I wanted sparkles and cursive. Nothing too rustic. So I ran to my favorite font (sacramento)...
and I gathered my supplies. 
{pictured: glitter, glue, and wood}
{not pictured: chalk}

I went ahead and stained the board months ago. On that day we had a yard sale and had 2 people show up. Yes, two. I was bored. It's Minwax's walnut stain. 

I printed the quote above and then free handed it with chalk. Then I covered the chalk with regular Elmer's glue. 
and sprinkled a little glitter on...
the I dumped the glitter (elementary I know):
and I did this in sections. Overall I am really impressed by how easy this project was! I wasn't sure if it would look like a little kid's glitter art (not my goal), and I think it actually looks more sophisticated than I thought it would. 

Of course my handy husband hung it for me. Your welcome for the alliteration. 
I wanted it right over our front door. In a place of honor.
 The whole entry way is just really awkward, and it's not really conducive to hanging anything. But this works right over the front door. We slammed the door a few times to make sure it will stay. (it did)
I am thankful for this reminder daily! This was also a goal of mine back in September (#5). Remember that list? I'm going to update that list in a few days and let you know how I've done. I mean it's only been 5 months... #nbd. 

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