Small Business Tax Bundle Printables

As I was getting my ducks in a row to take all my business related goodies to my tax lady, I decided to make a few printables! Here's how the conversation went...

Me: "Hey babe, there's tons of tax printables on etsy. I mean, to save time don't you think it's wise to just buy a pack?" {as we just entered our year of saving money}

Josh: "Ok, but can't you make your own? I mean you know exactly what needs to be on the sheets, and your pretty decent with making it look nice."

Me: *hanging head* KNOWING I'll be designing for the next 5 hours instead of prepping taxes... "Yep your right. Plus I can't be guaranteed that their printable will have everything I need."

So after a few hours of work, I had my printables. I LOVE them... the fact that they look consistent and have all the info I need makes my heart flutter. Not only do I do business on etsy, but also on paypal, Facebook, and privately.... so I needed documents that fit that mold!

But it isn't limited to etsy sellers! Want to keep up with other orders? Maybe you sell make up or other goodies. Have a shop exclusively on Facebook? Or what about wanting to keep tabs on your photography biz?

Included in the pack is a monthly sales log (with places to include shipping amounts and paypal/etsy fees), an expense sheet (with the ability to separate items by category), a mileage log, and a totals page with space to figure out profit. Also in the pack is an inventory log to keep up with small business inventory! Most sheets offer 2 different looks (with all white tables OR white and gray tables to keep the lines separated). There are 18 pages in the pack! Run and grab it here.

Because sharing is caring, I thought that you {my lovely readers} may benefit from them as well. I have listed the pack on etsy and am offering my blog readers 30% off! That makes the pack just $3.50 {@ intro pricing*}! Woot! Be sure to use the code CREATEPRETTYBLOG30 at checkout. And spread the word!

Still not convinced? Just because I emojihearteyes you for taking the time to read my ramblings... here's something EVERYONE can use! A free password printable:

I love printables and I hope you enjoy this freebie. This is my first time linking a printable in a post, so if something doesn't work correctly please let me know! I'll be happy to fix it! Also if you purchase the pack from etsy this password sheet is included in the download!

*Price subject to change at anytime.

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