Silhouette Tips: How to Weld

I shared here about how to download free fonts. I love downloading fonts to use with my Silhouette. I honestly really only cut vinyl because with embroidery and monogramming I don't have the time to do much more.

But I wanted to share a tip with you. It's something that took me a while (and lots of frustration) to figure out. It's actually a really simple fix!

Ever have this happen?

See how the cursive letters overlap? If you are cutting vinyl, and you go to peel this off the backing, it will leave holes in your word. Annoying.
It's a pretty easy fix that I learned a little too late in the game. After choosing your font and typing whatever you want to type...
highlight the whole thing (or click Ctrl+A). Once everything is highlighted, right click and you will be give TONS of options.
Click Weld and watch the magic happen before your very eyes!
See how it is all one continuous word instead of being broken into the individual letters? This is especially helpful for monograms too!

Once you know how to weld a whole new world of possibilities open! I used this method when I cut the vinyl for the Ikea magazine rack I also shared last week!

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