Quick and Easy: Stools

The first thing that totally made us swoon over our house when we walked through was the gourmet kitchen with granite counters and the bar height island. 

We knew pretty immediately that we were going to put stools there, but we weren't sure what look we were going for. I am a sucker for the farmhouse look-- which isn't totally terrible since all our moulding and wainscoting is antique white. 

We found these beauties on a local yardsale site. While I originally envisioned 3 stools in this space, my husband who likes even numbers decided it was 2 or 4. Four would be too much, so we grabbed these babies. I believe we paid $40 for both. 
They aren't amazing or anything. And the green leaves much to be desired. But I saw the potential. They had good lines.

I really didn't like the wicker seat. Like REALLY hated. And while I would have loved to recover them with fabric, the shape was really bizarre. They sink down slightly and aren't a perfect square. They have notches out of the corners and the more I tried to figure out how to recover them, the more confused I got. Josh suggested just seeing what some stain would do. So I grabbed my favorite (Minwax's Walnut*). This stain is the most used in my house! I love that it can be kind of light, or deep dark depending on the look I am going for.

I learned somewhere that stain will only absorb to a certain point. So I did 2 coats on this, but this was as dark as it would get. This was as much as the wicker could absorb. And while it's not a huge difference, it's enough to make it a little darker.
I used my favorite Rustoleum Ivory Bisque* spray paint. It's the same color I used on the lamp in the background. You can see that post here. I used the semi-gloss sheen.

Overall I love the functionality the stools added. I will occasionally sit and eat breakfast here or work at my laptop (it's one place that 20 month old fingers can't get to). Also if we have company we just pull the stools off to the side and use the counter top as a serving bar. Love it!

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