My Sewing Space (part 2)

Here's the deal. This space has been so difficult to work with. I shared back here (last April) about what my plans were for this area and how I was going to work with it. 

I organized, cleaned, and made it work. Then I got a new embroidery machine and my business really took off in May. So the space just wasn't working. 

Josh and I share this space (half of it has a couch and a TV for video games) and he watched me complete an order one night and agreed that the old space just wasn't working. 
We brainstormed about how we could make it work and decided that it would be best if we flip flopped the whole room. So I am now on the other side of the room. Remember this is a basement with no windows. 

I love storing my fabric where I can see everything. Not only is it colorful and pretty, but it's easy to find exactly what's in my mind. I wrapped all my fabric around comic book boards*. You can find them on Amazon. 
The main thing that I was lacking was workspace. I was trimming and ironing on a tiny surface not intended for ironing. Using these little cubbies (closet maid brand)...and adding a workspace on top I now have space to spread out. I chose to cover the raw wood top with fabric. I worried that it would take a lot to prep a piece of wood from not splintering/snagging the items I work with.
I haven't had much time to "make it pinterest worthy" but if you were to walk in on me any day working this is most likely how you would find it. #okaymaybealittlemessier

I kept the plastic drawer storage in the corner. Each drawer is labeled with it's contents... hot glue, glitter, etc.

This little shelf holds my Silhouette and it is where I prep orders for shipment (my scale and packing supplies are here). I'd love to paint this shelf eventually.

I also have a real ironing board! This is my grandmother's. If she were still here she would be 107 this year, so this is a real antique. The board is actually solid wood. I added extra padding and covered it in a pretty fabric. Love!

Here is where I sit most of the time. I like my machine by my computer because as things are stitching I am able to answer emails, talk to customers, update etsy, etc. The chair is pathetic. A folding camping chair. But I can't decide... I hate chairs on wheels (plus it's on carpet) and I haven't found a good chair. I'd love a padded chair with arms.

This is where I keep most of my ribbon, my inspiration magazines, and those hooks on the left holds a lot of things I need to work on.
I am in desperate need of more thread storage. I love having every color imaginable and I try to keep an extra of favorites (hot pink, lime, gray, etc.). All my tools (scissors, marking pens, ruler) are within reach too. By the way Isacord makes the BEST thread. I purchase Isacord polyester thread at Discount Embroidery Supply. Free shipping over $25 so I grab about 7 spools at a time! **The pictures on their website are VERY misleading. I highly suggest purchasing a thread chart (I grabbed mine at MJsewingsupply) so that you can see EXACT thread colors!
I do keep a small inventory and that is mostly held under my workspace. I didn't snap a picture of the other side but I have a towel rack hanging from under the table top and I can hang things that come on hangers.
I'd love to "pretty" this space a bit more, but organization was absolutely critical above all else. I love the pink and navy accents I've chosen on the workspace and ironing board. Now that everything has a place and I am fairly content with the layout I feel like I can really work on making it pretty! This space has come a long way!

ClosetMaid Cubes-----------------Target {similar}
Pink Polkadot Fabric--------------Hobby Lobby
Pink and Navy Fabric-------------Hobby Lobby {couldn't find it on their website}
Thread-------------------------------Discount Embroidery Supply
Thread Rack------------------------Hobby Lobby {similar}
Comic Book Boards---------------Amazon*

*contain affiliate link. Read my disclosure policy here.

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