High Five for Friday!

1. This has undoubtedly been the hardest week of our life. We had to let go of our sweet doggie. We adopted Sadie a few months before we were married. My husband trained her and she was literally the best.dog.ever. Our hearts have been shattered (her illness came on quite suddenly) and we are trying to put the pieces back together. We know one day we'll adopt again. I promised her that we'd give another the same chance she got. 

While Monday was a really hard day, the kids and I were able to spend the day saying goodbye. 
Someday I'll write about how we told Luke and how we handled the death of a pet, but for now I'm just not ready. And she's still on my "us" page. I'm just not ready to take it down. 

2. This girl is a riot. This is her doll bed that she makes herself perfectly comfortable in. 
3.  Grandpa came for a visit last week. They both love their trains so it was fun to watch them play together!
4. Pinterest for the win! We had Seattle weather for 4 days straight and it was downright depressing. It was almost as if the weather was a reflection of our heart missing Sadie. But the sun is out today and we are looking forward to the weekend!
5. Lots of things are being released at Create Pretty! I have loaded some new goodies and updated the project galleries. I have also updated Etsy (which is still a work in progress since I like to keep 50 items in my shop at all times). But I'm getting there! Here's a sampling from today: 


  1. I know how it hurts to lose a furry family member. 😢 How fortunate she was to have a loving home.

    1. You are sweet. It gets a little easier everyday, but wow what a hole that was left in our hearts!