A Simple Art Station

I have a little boy who loves art. Give him scissors, some paper and a glue stick and he'll be entertained for hours. It became clear that little man needed his own space to create. 
Initially we kept all the art supplies in the playroom. But since the kids play in the playroom more than they play in their rooms, I was worried about a certain 19 month old getting into markers, glue, and scissors. You know... messy stuff. And Luke's room is a NO zone. He has Legos in his room and she is not allowed in there (until she learns that everything isn't food). Since he's a firstborn, with the firstborn "rule keeper" personality he makes sure she doesn't cross the threshold. 

Within the past year Luke has really taken an interest in art. He used to HATE coloring. He never touched a coloring book, and I honestly worried about his fine motor skills since he never enjoyed coloring. Emmie on the other hand grabbed a crayon at 12 months old and proceeded to use the playroom wall as her canvas. Oh my children are total opposites!

After his interest in art and a certain little lady's curiosity, we decided to move his art supplies to his room. This whole update was accomplished for less than $5. The desk was my dad's- his childhood desk from the 1950s. I used it as a homework desk growing up, and my parents didn't hesitate passing it on to Luke. It has "seen better days" but that's what I love so much about it! I wouldn't DARE touch a paintbrush to it. 
We decided that until Emmie is a little older, we are going to keep markers upstairs. Crayons are fairly easy to wash off walls. So we left a supply downstairs. I gathered a few more items that I knew he would love...

 The hanger? I repurposed it from our old stocking holder. We now have a fireplace and don't have a need for the old nostalgic holder. Can something be nostalgic after 3 years? #yes #theanswerisyes  I may dress it up with vinyl at some point. For now I'm loving the simplicity.
 We chose to put this station on the wall between the door to his room and his closet. I like it being sort of out of the way. I plan to put some sort of hooks to the right of this area (which is why there is a blank spot). Overall the only items I had to purchase were the metal pails. I grabbed 4 of them YEARS ago in the Target $$ section. I was one pail short and I ended up finding the 5th one at a thrift store! Holla!
The second Luke saw his desk he lit up-- then got right to cutting some construction paper. I'd say that's code in 5 year old for "it's AWESOME mom!".

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