Playing with Thread

It's no secret that I love my embroidery machine. I totally covet bigger machines and I will upgrade one day... but for now I am LOVING my single needle.

When I upgraded my machine back in May, I was a member of dozens of online forums and Facebook groups to learn more. One of the tips I came across (that I had NEVER heard in the 3 years before) was to never pull the thread back through the machine.

See when you thread any sewing machine you pull the thread from the top to the bottom- threading it through all the crevices in order- until you get to the needle. Typically when you finish you pull the thread spool off, yanking the thread back through the machine. I did it every time with my old machine.

Well this advice to not pull the thread from the top made a lot of sense. That the sensors and levers were only designed for the thread to go top to bottom not bottom to top. It messes with the timing and tension discs. Is this scientifically proven from the manufacturer? No. But ever since taking this extra step, I haven't have 1 issue.

So how DO you get the thread off since it's attached at the spool? Cut it! Of course!

With the thread still attached, I take my tiny scissors and snip it right at the spool.
Then (making sure the needle position is up) I pull it from the bottom by the needle.

 Voila! I'm left with the amount of thread that is strung through the machine.
So this is where the "playing" comes in!! What DO I do with all those scraps??

Why I collect them in a vase of course!
When I first started, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Some people leave them in a vase, others fill shadowboxes with them. I liked the vase idea, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I LOVE these little lamps that you can fill. And what better way to display my thread scraps, right? I love that EVERY project I've worked on since getting my new machine is represented here. I'm kind of sentimental- so I just love this!!!
Right now it sits on the fire place. I turn it on at night for dim lighting when I'm working or watching TV. I can't stand dark rooms when watching TV! I'm going to keep it up (my machine has 2 million stitches on it and it's going strong) and once this lamp is filled I'll find another project to make and use up the scraps.
P.S. I found the lamp at Lowes. It was less than $15 with the shade. I couldn't find it online to link it.

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